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Should be next President. I like Trump’s policies but I think he’s too toxic to unite the country. Ron has best chance of getting the majority of Americans to buy in to his presidency.
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Raw the day after Montreal Screwjob...Bret coming up a little short on offense + all their interactions with Commissioner Slaughter.
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He doesn’t need to worry that I’m a United fan, I keep that well hidden nowadays!
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I live 25 mins away in Winter Garden so I’ll definitely pay a visit. Will he be showing all NFL games on Sundays?
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Water bottles should be made out of Aluminium, it’s infinitely recyclable.
Glad to see the @ManUtd players joining the #GlazersOut movement by getting us relegated. Might be our best option to get rid of the parasites.@GNev2
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I agree but are the bean counters going to let him get rid of all the ‘names’ that sell shirts?!
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I still support FC United, just couldn’t bring myself to abandon United.
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Players no heart or fight. Just feel that the malaise is so bad now that we’re not gonna be relevant again now until they’ve gone.
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Toxic club from top to bottom now.
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Bollocks. Over a billion pounds has gone out of the club since their leveraged takeover (which is now banned in English football) servicing the debt they passed onto the club. Stadium falling to pieces. Fergie papered over the cracks that thousands of fans said would happen.
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That we’re gonna get relegated.
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Always read your posts first because I find you to be the most objective and fair.
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DeSantis would wipe the floor with him.
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A watched kettle never boils.
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DeSantis should go it alone, he’d win in a landslide.
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Fergie was right when he let him go the first time. Should never have had him back.
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Rory with a 65.
They could always ban abortions.
If Putin did this around Moscow, hopefully, some sane minded Russian would put a bullet in his head.