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Segregation was legal. Slavery was legal. Don't use legality as a guide to morality.
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In addition I would say it's kidnapping, dehumanizing, patronizing and all around narcissistic to put the attention on how much the pusher is "giving" rather than focusing on what they're *forcing on someone else*.
(Stranger without asking starts to push me in my wheelchair) Me: “What are you doing? Please stop that.” Stranger: “I’m helping you.” Me: “Thanks, but I don’t need help.” Stranger: “Wow. Try to do a guy a favor.” Pushing a wheelchair user without consent is not “a favor.”
"I don't like where this conversation is going and the points they're making, and because I can't control them, I'm going to bully them and make them feel bad!! But how? Oh I know ... Let's insist they can't be human if they disagree with me!! That's reasonable!! Ha, gotcha!!"
The fact you keep talking out of context of the conversation suggests this is some form of A.I. Definitely a bot.
This is the sick kind of thing transphobes enjoy...because if they didn't enjoy the brutalization and repeated rape of trans women, they wouldn't ever say that it's a good policy "to protect" anyone. This policy protects nobody. Not a single soul. Not a one.
The UK is about to force all trans women who haven't had bottom surgery into men's prisons. This is what happens to trans women in men's prisons. The cruelty is the point.
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Muppets are primarily ambush predators: discuss.
Who wants to hear my pitch for a horror movie? I'll give you the rights to it as long as I'm credited as the metaphorical mom of the movie, and get a free copy of the movie, and get like, $10,000. Low price to pay for such a banger. :3
My god, Florida Man is only going to grow in worldwide infamy...
Elon Musk's Twitter wants you to think liberals are exaggerating Florida's book ban. But they aren't. The policy treats all classroom books as banned until they can be combed over by censors.…
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I mean, I just don't think teachers should try to talk with kids about heterosexual relationships anymore. After all, I'm not straight and my kid isn't straight and we just don't believe in being straight. No offense to straight people... it's just not for us, thanks.
breaking news: twitter user has the worst day of his life
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Ah yes because less ladies are being bullied into sex (which is a type of rape), because more men now understand consent... That's all because of chemtrails and feminism.
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Holy crap!
For those who think that [mentioning the spike proteins from vaccinated individuals as a "gotcha moment" against vaccinated people] will work to convince us vaccinated people are "literally toxic":
Spike proteins by themselves, without the rest of the virus' parts, would be completely inert. Just like a set of loose dog's teeth would not be able to bite you, these proteins cannot harm you.
Hey you right wingnuts, PRONOUNS AND ASKING THEM ARE NOT NEW. It's not far left wokeist propaganda. It's literally everywhere in classic literature. Which you'd know if you got your nose out of the rich guy's bunghole long enough to stick it in a book.
sorry but this is very funny bc Macbeth's first scene in MACBETH is literally him and Banquo asking the witches their pronouns
I just had my first fiction short story acceptance!!
I threatened to poke out the other eye of ODIN WHO IS A SPIRITUAL BEING on FB... Apparently *that* goes against their standards... Not all the other violence and threats Republican'ts and Neonazis and alt-right conspiracy theorists do on the daily. Just my joke. So dangerous.
Hey, kids! It's your old buddy Steve King telling you that if they ban a book in your school, haul your ass to the nearest bookstore or library ASAP and find out what they don't want you to read.
.@Target raised its minimum wage for all employees to $24/hr & all who work as little as 24hrs/wk gets health insurance. Target will prove: 1. The labor problem isn't people are lazy, it's that they aren't paid enough. 2. More ppl will shop at a store that treats employees right.
Not true. Wonderland still has Alice.
We’re living in Alice in Wonderland. People involved in attempting to overthrow the government are now members of the Homeland Security Committee. Merrick Garland, WTF are you doing?
Lets work to change things y'all 🥰🇺🇸
"the whitest most racist radicalized child (at 17 who used an illegal firearm to kill police brutality protesters at a rally while clearly supporting and mimicking the police, who let him do that) is actually a Latino BLM supporter, so it's fine that he shot them." Gross.
Kyle Rittenhouse is also a Latino BLM supporter, but people are quick to forget that fact.
There's no good reason to be killed by police even on accident, unless they're NOT there to protect the people. And if they aren't serving the public needs, why are they there?
Unpopular fact: Being intoxicated with any drug is no reason to be killed by police
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"trans rights are causing problems for lesbians" Bc toxic lesbian culture is assuming that every "girl" they meet is part of their dating pool and must meet their personal criteria. Bc toxic lesbian culture is focusing on vagina and not person. (Got that one from toxic men...)