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Excellent thread on why Sunnys' status-quo politics will never have the solutions to the multiple crisies facing the UK and the planet. Solid 22 carrot shite.
A thread on why nationalising UK energy 🔥 companies to stop 🚀 bills: - is bad for tackling climate crisis - won't be taken up by Labour party - wouldn't work even taken up by Jeremy Corbyn 👇🏽
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The floor is lava. UK heatwave edition.
wtf do they be even training for????😭
Starmer rightly getting called out for being further right than Tories on.... *checks notes* a Rupert Murdoch outlet. @Keir_Starmer what is the point of you?
30mins of raging debate and the one issue we all agreed on is that Keir Starmer is a wasteman
Not even 8am, I'm here arguing with a spurs fan about a goal that happened 4 years ago🤣. I'm not even arsed. Hate my life.😭
Corbyns socialism strikes again. When will they learn from the 70's?
EXCLUSIVE: The UK government is planning for several days of organised blackouts this winter for industry and households under its latest “reasonable worst-case scenario” trib.al/ljWNO1J
GYPSY WOMAN • Crystal Waters
It's a which turd is worse contest.
Oh. My. God. #battleforno10
What’s the most British word or phrase you can think of?
The days of taking the knee for racism are over. #Concertsquaregirl
Oil her up folks.
It’s officially time to eat the rich
How is a pay cut greed, Christine?
Replying to @MinstersSoapTV
It is pure greed by the unions. Offered 8% but unions rejected it. Its disgusting that unions should hold the country to ransom. Some of use got less than 2% pay rise this year. 😡
Unions are a force for good. Media and press barron's are bad. #RMT #RMTSolidarity
Was boss this. He's such a persuasive speaker. Not sure many would argue with his values... ruling class being the exception.
They're singing Sweet Caroline again. Automatic disqualification.
Boss little dink tha
Beautiful. 🤩
I’ve just seen one of the smartest (and unsportsmanlike) plays I’ve ever seen. Davies goes down so Leipzig gives it back... only Olmo leaves it on the line. When it’s picked up a handball is called and Leipzig get a dangerous FK while down 1 😂
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If you consistently get it wrong, you'd stop and question your judgement.
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