Killing two birds with one stone only makes you a bird murderer. When live gives you lemons, ask to exchange for a sweeter fruit

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It's really surreal that I seen Kobe in his last game in Philly. I'm still in shock.
The goat gotta get that 24
Breaking News: Serena Williams said she planned to retire from tennis after playing in this year’s U.S. Open.
Free BG till GB eerF
Lmao Jaheim was my dads favorite R&B artist
Jaheim gave us some good R&B back in the day and he really didn’t miss with those albums neither 🔥
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The only reason Celtics are the premier team in the NBA is cuz of Bill Russell and the fans STILL hated him… OG was the truth.
It was written like Nas but he def dropping one of them vs Drew unfortunately
Brock knees said “Not anymore pleighboi” 😂
DeKoldest and Io byke
Could be fun. You know that they will make dirty jokes about her though
Replying to @jasonschreier
Rockstar removed transphobic jokes from the most recent re-release of GTAV and quietly canceled an online mode called Cops 'n' Crooks after the George Floyd protests. Grand Theft Auto VI will have a female Latina protagonist — the first playable woman in modern Rockstar history
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Lol not Rhea with the I’m your Papi shirt 😂
Y’all never had Culver’s and it shows
Tough choice. Pick one.
Rap shit was different than what I was expecting. I’m interested in it
That’s a smart baby but also wild they know about this
Wait for it 😂
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I told my wife this. As bad as that sounds, we can make another hopefully.
So my husband and I have this rule that if there was ever a fire or emergency we go save the kids first, and I told him if anything were to happen to me in labor and he had a choice he should save the baby, right? He goes “hell no, I don’t even know that kid” bro
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Madden and PFF when it comes to ranking Steelers
The last line of defense. 🤚 The top 10 rated safeties in #Madden23.
I mean the whole Sasha Banks and Naomi situation, they got killed. Fast forward months later and they were proven right.
Black women are literally champions in wrestling but all you bum ass wrestling fans can’t help but to shit on them… Name me one time a black woman wrestler got love like her contemporaries?
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