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Joined March 2009
@SQUARE_ENIX_EU you have the worst customer support ever. I can't access ff14 and have not been able for 2 year all I get is the run around. I'm going to trading standards I want my money back...
@RE_Games are you trying to kill me with a heart attack jeeez this creature is horrid hahah. Absolutely loving the game......
Replying to @SkyHelpTeam
dont care now i cant watch decent movies as your movies are either old rubbish or repeats.
Ffs cant evenenter new incursion @thedivisiongame
@VinnieJonesHQ nice to see you on here vinnie, huge fan. Still my best role is you playing bullet tooth tony with your pal .50 haha.
Replying to @TheDivisionGame
@TheDivisionGame awww you take all the fun away. I thought this game was all about the glitches seeing as it has so many haha
Replying to @My_Metro
@My_Metro @chris_wilkin your appology dont help the fact i got a warning for being late at work does it.
Replying to @Ravenser
@Ravenser @My_Metro well metro services dont give a shit so why not lol
@My_Metro are you taking the piss i was late for work due to not being able to get off at my stop due to train being well over crowded.
@QuantumBreak still not recieved code for pc or allan wake.
@Davies_Dan @TheDivisionGame im getting it on every mission i try to replay.
Replying to @TheDivisionGame
@TheDivisionGame @GlancySean ffs i cant do any story missions. When i replay nothing happend. Doors dont open gates locked etc.
Replying to @TheDivisionGame
@TheDivisionGame @RageHardGamer next.time u release content, test it.
Replying to @TheDivisionGame
@TheDivisionGame @RageHardGamer awww could hhave left double revive
@TheDivisionGame thats it ive had enough of your shit game, i want a full refund as the game is broken to fuck.
Replying to @TheDivisionGame
@TheDivisionGame wait till 10 am time i get home at 8am and wanna do some glitches, might as well seeing as that is all this game has become
Replying to @TheDivisionGame
@TheDivisionGame hahah take your own advice, show your own team spirit and fix the god damn game and then i might spend money.
I’ve entered to win a custom #TheDivisionHD60S bundle from @elgatogaming and @TheDivisionGame! You can enter here:
@Xbox can you plz get boom boom rocket and jet set radio future on the xb1 i miss these little gems.
@TheDivisionGame ok you need to make stun trigger rogue, fucking shit i get supply drop and i get flashed an agent takes it and runs.