I'm happy to join the @UnicornSolClub, by getting an NFT on day one! I don't think of it as buying a jpg, I want to support @marcusjcarey who's been nothing but helpful to lots of people including me. Thanks Marcus for all you do. Excited to be part of this with you.
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Oh that's easy. This is more of an investment, that while I am holding it, I feel like I'm part of the journey with the team who made it. And when the team does good work, my investment feels better (and potentially makes me money). Owning a poster just feels like a consumer.
This is one of the better explanations I've read, kudos! NFT's can be about a lot of things, maybe sometimes it's patronizing/investing in incredibly accomplished art, or maybe it's pop art that while cool, primary symbolizes support for a cause/artist, not so much a $ investment

Nov 19, 2021 · 12:54 AM UTC