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Misinformation expert. Online safety expert, PhD. Like conspiracies and spirituality. Think Trump is funny and cool. Detest woke ideas. Aliens are real.

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Hyper reality strikes again
We must not forget to listen to our instincts, to be wise and careful. Do not be blinded by high ideals of tolerance, unity and unconditional love for all beings. Safety first.
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I’m Gen X. Hook, line and sinker that “content of character” fairytale. Treat each person as an individual but stay wise to the work of the Enemy
God created all people different for a reason. We shouldn't look at other people and think 'oh, we are the same'. Because we are not. We should only look for God and acknowledge God's spark in every being.
Bro just ended racism. ❤️⚡️
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Some 10 years ago Nigel Farage predicted all this! he was abuse,attacked,and vilified now it's happening people are waking up! Sadly it's too late as we see the decimation of our country,our festivals,our traditions etc it will get WORSE!Enoch was right
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It's looking increasingly likely that the reason there are so few MP's willing to even hear the evidence of vaxx injuries, never mind speak out about it, is because the vast majority have been bribed with #hiddenfunding from Big Pharma.
Taking care of your health and beauty not only aids physical and mental health but helps those around you to love you even more 🌟
Has been happening for a long time. We were told 'progress'.
Protocols of the l.e. of Zion. 14. Jews have to get rid of Christianity. They emphasise the historical mistakes of goyim governments to undermine goyim faith in themselves. And their philosophers will discuss all the shortcomings of Christianity to make gentiles lose their faith
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Getting many questions about the Swedish documentary exposing girls' spines not fusing correctly from puberty blockers. Here you go...downloaded & translated to English. It can't be banned; it's on my site. Help save kids and retweet Stop transing kids!…
Scott, do you have any literature on the spinal fusion issue related to girls on “blockers”? I trust your word, but I’d like to make a detailed post to back up. I will also do my own research, but wanted to ask in case you had any on hand.
If tap water contains residues of medications that have been in other people's bodies... might it also contain traces of spike proteins?.. 🤔
Lookie, ADL is so worried about American kids and LGBTQ+ people. But they never invite drag queens to synagogues or Jewish centres to read Torah and dance a bit for little kids. Subversion is for your kids only. Because they care so much, you know.
With chants of “there will be blood” & “pedophiles get the rope,” armed neo-Nazis harassed & threatened attendees & counter-protestors at Saturday’s drag show in #Wadsworth, OH. This chilling display demonstrates the rising extremist threat facing the LGBTQ+ community nationwide.
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UN meeting discusing chemtrails in 2006. My family recently: 'I remember winters used to be sunny, there used to be many beautiful days. And now it's just grey and cloudy almost all the time'.
Previously believed LOST This is the 2006 UN Presentation on Chemtrails 👇…
Stopping Just Stop Oil protestors should be considered a crime against humanity by law, according to them. This is the next level of being spoiled, entitled brats.
We’ve reached a point where ordinary people need to break the law to protect everything we know and love from being destroyed — there’s no other way forward. The judiciary also needs to step up and recognise that the law as it is cannot respond to the climate catastrophe and…
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NOT ON BBC NEWS. #Paris police charge and attack protestors with batons 🤬
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15-minute city in 🇨🇳 China. Each neighborhood zone is separated by a fence with barbed wire, with gates being guarded. There are 2 to 4 gates per zone. If you want to get in or leave your zone, you will need a face scan (your Digital ID).
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This is what China's 15 Minutes cities looks like Thread 1/ One neighborhood , with hundreds apartment buildings and tens of thousands people , have only few exits, where you need to scan your QR code COVID passport and your face to get in or out.
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They use him frequently, on so many areas, to advance their NWO agenda.
Heads up quickly … 👇🏻👇🏻 cabal moves 👍🏻
One interesting detail relating to Balenciaga's saga: demon Baal is said to be responsible for fornication, violation of children's innocence, sexual relations for recreation only.