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@FallGuysGame I Fixed Shop Prices So Most Of The Fun Of Fall Guys Won’t Be Behind A Paywall (All Colors, Patterns, Nicknames, Banners Will Be Bought With Kudos Because Who Would Want To Spend Money On That?)
October 6 Is Gonna Be A Crazy Day
So I Heard That There’s Going To Be A PlayStation Plus Pack For Fall Guys Like Xbox Gamepass, So To Make It Fair To The Nintenbeans, I Made This
Alight To Clarifiy, It’s Ok If You Like The Event Or Exited For It, If You Are Then Good For You, I’m Just Saying That I Don’t Really Care About It, Nor Like The Collab.
I Really Like Cars On The Road, It’s Takes Me Back When I Was Super Duper Young. 10/10
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speeeeeeeed sonic, eggman, tails, knuckles, super sonic are now in the Fall Guys store!!! there's also a VERY fancy and sassy emote also a sonic themed level and event?!?!
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#FallGuysAnniversaryCustomXboxGiveaway New Xbox Let’s Gooooo!!!
it's our anniversary, so i thought i'd do something nice for you... retweet this tweet with #FallGuysAnniversaryCustomXboxGiveaway for a chance to win this SUPER AWESOME CUSTOM FALL GUYS XBOX SERIES S!!! must be following, you have until 8th!! 📚 fallguys.com/legal/fall-guys…
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(I might be late, hope not…)
i Made Costumes For Season 2 Free For All, And they Look Lit
Omg Guys. Sonic Sent SpongeBob To Minecraft 🤯
Swim on down to Bikini Bottom with the new @SpongeBob DLC from @SparkUniverse! Explore Bikini Bottom’s iconic locations with Mr. Krabs, Patrick, Squidward, and more. Don’t forget to pick up your free Character Creator item in the dressing room! 🧽 redsto.ne/spongebob
I Made A Round Tier List
Kirby Fall Guys Better Not Steal The Spotlight Of Fall Guys. But Looking Forward For It. But Since I Have Fall Guys I Think I’m Going To Play It For 3 Days I Think (if it’s free, if not. Not getting it then)