What's not special about me?

Everett, WA
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When you're the gatekeeper at a parking garage during an event do not make eye contact or people will block traffic trying to talk you into parking on a full lot.
Why is it commonly accepted that doctors have absolutely appalling handwriting? I wonder if there's an actual condition or trauma that causes them to not be able to write legibly?
🌈The More You Know⭐
Sorry but electric vehicles aren't up to par when it comes to long hours of operation and practicality.
City of Everett moving these planter pots that are quite big I'll admit. 4 work trucks, a backhoe, at least four men crew... To move flower pots onto a trailer. Taxpayer money right there!
Not the lead but the boss because his truck is nicer than anyone else's... and he works less!
I see a lot of good news with the Tesla space program, but I got to wonder... inevitably... when's the bad thing going to happen?
It's funny how they show videos that have violence in them but if you say someone deserved it in a certain way you'll get banned for spreading hate.
I think the Demons group from Reddit is run by right wing christian fanatics. FYI.
I got pieces of $100 paper yo!
I don't know if it's a life goal but I want to have a really fun funeral. Funerals are better than weddings because you don't have to bring a gift and you don't have to worry about pissing off the guest of honor.
🎵 I'm stuck in a booth, with no Shia LaBeouf...🎵 My work day theme song.
Reddit you won my heart. I gave someone advice about a sensual dream they posted yesterday and they private messaged me about it. And today I got someone to buy $192 Beetlejuice taxidermy mouse on Etsy.
I walk through a parking garage listening to my whistles echo. Back when humans were hunters in the open land and they found a cave it must have been quite a delight and wonder to hear your echo play out through the chambers.
Head brain surgery over 8 months ago pretty much fully recovered. Entertained a woman this weekend and I realize after only 2 hours of sleep on Sunday that my overall chances of survival are much better if I remain single.
Tweakers are like weird scavengers. The constantly looking for something? One guy who goes around and digs through every garbage can multiple times a day and finishes people's drinks. I think his street life expired cuz I haven't seen him for a little bit.
Congratulations earthlings you've figured out how to improve the quality of life for some while simultaneously lowering the quality of life for billions of others.
I think I was a bit cynical this morning.
I like North Everett it's big enough you can remain a stranger and small enough to feel like home