Pokimane has called out Ninja for his actions during the Jidion drama and him attempting to help Jidion "evade a ban for harassing her"
I mean she got a point ninja’s career is p dead, (SunnyV2 made a good video on it if you wanna check it out) so I could see him trying to steer this into a revival arc for his career.
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doesn’t have the same respect and fame he used to from being his authentic self to being a family friendly husk controlled by his fans. and pictures to explain the fame part credit: SunnyV2

Jan 18, 2022 · 3:38 AM UTC

10000 avg viewers is not dead tf?
He gets more viewers in one of his “dead” streams than 99.9% of people on the platform.
Dude what he avgs 20k views like every stream just cause you don't like him means you justify everyone
Max, you gotta do some research man. You obviously know nothing about ninja if you think his career dead. Adidas shoe lineup, redbull sponsorship, Samsung sponsorship, Has his own book, own comic book, Starring in a movie.... ???? Like c'mon bro do you lack common sense ?
You tell me another streamer doing that
Imagine people saying your career is 'dead' when you can still pull in 10-20k viewers playing literally any game that exists any day of the week at any time of day lol...but yeah compare his numbers when FN was crazy big and he was playing with Drake and Marshmellow 👌🤣