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The rabbit <-- was a joke gift from a friend. 10+ years ago, I broke down and was hospitalised. I grabbed it to remind me of who I am. A nurse asked what it's name is, it has no name, it's not a toy. It's a silly joke about wanting a pet, anxiety & dildos.
The Tory MPs tweeting pic'n'mix copypastas is really pissing me off. Repeatedly saying we had to wait for the suegray report, then immediately saying we have to move on the day of its release. They're a kleptocracy of corrupt arseholes, still caring only for themselves.
Rough day today. Struggled to get out of bed, my door had been egged, had pressy delivery guys trying to get to my neighbours, managed to get to exercise session but had a gluttonous food binge after. Managed to have a bath, but I'm feeling really lonely. #fuckdepression
We end up with the Government the Daily Mail deserves.
I forgot to get my medication last week, and ran out on Friday. I've been really struggling this weekend without. It's frustrating how reliant I am on them, yet still so far from well.
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Chaotic scenes in Parliament 馃槀
The Independent
A GBeebies "journalist" was spreading lies about the cost of the NHS. ONS (Aug19) has us at 拢3000 per person, France 拢3700pp, Germany 拢4400 & US 拢7700. Don't believe their lies, no creative accounting can pretend the Tories spend more now, even including their bungs.
I'm too excited from Eurovision to sleep, & reading all the bad takes on here from non-fans & some fans about political voting. The UK came second because they had a very good song. They've finished last so many times because they had songs that didn't stick out.
It's a song contest. It's not a popularity vote for nations. You've overegged the political voting story for years, it has been about the song more than anything for 2 decades. Until Ukraine was invaded, & all Europe took in refugees, & empathise with the existential threat.
A song coming 2nd or last is much more to do with song quality than some imagined popularity vote on the nation's government. "Political" voting comes from shared cultures - languages, diasporas, familiarity. Eg UK's perrenial high polish vote & high Polish diaspora.
Ukraine got 94% of it's possible public vote. 439/468. #Eurovision
鈽癸笍馃榾. Well done Ukraine. Not my favourite, but Europe has spoken. #SlavaUkraine #Eurovision
40*12=480 maximum. Ukraine got 432. #Eurovision
Norway's not picking up many points 鈽癸笍 Give that Wolf a Banana! #Eurovision
If I was an astronaut, I'd talk rubbish on Eurovision. #SpaceWoman #Eurovision
Worst green room chats ever #Eurovision
Not the best year this year. Lots of anonymous durges. UK & Norway to me head & shoulders above the rest. #Eurovision
The results of the East Manchester jury is as follows: Moldova 8 points Norway 10 points United Kingdom 12 points. Royaime-Uni Douze Points! #Eurovision
Estonia appears to be in a Mexican flashback. #BreakingBad #Eurovision
Brilliant song, brilliant voice, liked his glitter suit, but was a bit disappointed with the staging. #UK #Eurovision
Why are they singing during the running order. Disqualify them. #ItalyHosts #Eurovision