Can we PLEASE stop saying "People will still vote Tory despite...". OF COURSE! There'll always be about 40% voters who buy what the Tories sell at elections. And they've ALWAYS been the minority. Fixing the UK isn't about convincing them. It's about the Left working together!
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Agree with some caveats: Left and centre all working together. Tory vote got down to 30.7% in 1997 when the Sun endorsed Labour instead. Under future PR that the alliance will create, there'll be a viable centre right alternative if they go hard right again.

Oct 14, 2021 · 3:27 PM UTC

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The left weren't interested in working with the centre. Linguistically & politically ignoring them just enables the Tories. Labour was more frightening than the Tories to more of the centre at the last election. Polls are saying that's not changing.
This is a very good point. There are Tories who would prefer more 'one nation' style policies and have actual principles (Dominic grieve, Ken Clarke, soubry) rather than this current disaster politics but currently are voiceless.