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I remember when it was cool to have stickers on the laptop.
Whatever it is, I'm not sure I have it in me.
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It was interesting how many articles I read that didn’t mention the joke. You’re just supposed to trust the hysterical ninnies that something really bad happened.
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Oh look, an answer to the question, "Could Pitchfork album reviews get any more insufferable?"
Didn't think I would ever again beat my son in a competitive game of 1-on-1 basketball, but I managed to do it today at age 48.
25 years ago GBV released "Mag Earwig" marking the end of the low-fi era.
Visiting covered bridges sounds romantic but I have discovered that there isn't much to do when you get there.
My attempt at "Nobody" by the Replacements. Recorded on the cell phone right after learning the chords. Most of em anyway.…
Why is Tim Ryan campaigning against Joe Manchin? That does not see like the path to victory in Ohio.
Concert ticket prices for 20+ year old bands are just a function of how wealthy their fans are. Old 97's -- middle class The Shins -- upper class The National -- fking loaded
Awesome longtime coworker of 30+ years is retiring, a woman who has saved the company countless millions of dollars. In the past there would be a big party, but now it is just a virtual greeting card and cake next Wednesday for anyone in the office (no one). Kinda sucks.
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In the City is the debut studio album by British band the Jam. Released 20th May 1977 by Polydor Records, the album reached No. 20 on the UK Albums Chart. Hits you right in the ears. @NewWaveAndPunk @GCPunkNewWave @Punkasfuck1965
Sure, I want the price of gas to come down. But first I want gas to get so expensive that America's county auditors do not want their name/picture on the pump.
I save almost $15/day on gas when I work from home. I sure hope my employer doesn't consider that a raise.
The surf and turf is a little pricey for me, let's go with the reef and beef instead
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the human urge to destroy this object and cast it into a volcano
After a day of lab tours I am again amazed how smart the people I work with are. Also, it's not "imposter syndrome" if it's true.
My ideal late middle age scenario is to live just like Frasier Crane, except I don't have a brother and my dad is dead.
I don't get it when people say they don't want to retire early because they still have energy. Do they know they can do other things besides go to work?
Today is another fantastically beautiful day