How is this supposed to be hypocritical exactly?
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You have a link to a source saying that the breathing through a mask is a health hazard v just being annoying?
They don’t. Dozen peer reviewed scientific studies that masks help slow the spread. But it isn’t about that—just mis-representing things in a difficult period to inflame people.
Then why isn't the spread slowing? We might need a double mask mandate
Anti Vaxxers allow for virus mutations, and they don't wear masks. If everyone got up to date with their vaccinations we'd be done with this.
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You're correct. Way too many uninformed/selfish people to get to 100%. Maybe the real crisis is a lack of education?
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It doesn't, that's where the education comes in. The more vaccinated people the better off everyone is. 70-85% of the population needs to be vaccinated to reach herd immunity.