That's a nick nack Patty Wack! Give the frog a loan, his old man was a Rolling Stone!

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Mom- where are you guys going again? Me- Cali, ma!
That's the stable Gunn Kids and MJF. That's it! #aewdynamite #aew
Menard is a coke fiend! Tony's homie #aewdynamite #aew
The soundtrack for #Speed is the same as #MetalGearSolid
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They say money is "the root of all evil" but they still ask for it in church.
Commas are fun. It's a big circle, jerk! or...... #sweettweet
My OCD won't let me be or let me be me so count to 3 #sweettweet
Safe you say!? @AthenaPalmer_FG
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Look at 2 Tough Tony. Talking about a territory that's already in WWE pocket.
"We're running a lot of great shows around the Northeast. It's so many great wrestling markets in 1 geographic region. I'll say it: the crown jewel of wrestling markets — the real crown jewel of wrestling markets, not some BS overseas in Saudi Arabia.” - Tony Khan (via News 12)
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People running for government wanting less.....government
The guy who can't throw a bat properly or uh work safely! #AEWDynamite
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Wrestlers, protect your fellow wrestlers.