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What's all the fuss about
If you look at these maps and see a move away from European colonial legacy, you are paying attention 😏
If you look at these maps and see benevolence, you aren't paying attention.
Wrong. People like him need to be exposed.
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Awesome photo
. ©️ 📸 Piotr Łukasz(Piotr Lukasz) Stare Miasto (Gdańsk) Morning foggy POV 📍Gdańsk / Poland .
All you deluded young men who sided with Andrew Tate need to take a long look at yourselves in the mirror in the morning.
I know there's a lot of understandable schadenfreude about Andrew Tate's arrest, and obviously he has not been convicted, but these horrific charges are no laughing matters.
BREAKING 🚨🚨🚨 Greta Thunberg continues mission to save planet earth and rid the world of evil.
Here's a tape deck from 1981 which works .......unlike twitter 😀😂🤣
Here's some music and a light show while we all wait for twitter to collapse 😏
Wow twitter is collapsing isn't it 😳
The latest addition to my #vintagehifi collection! A 1981 Pioneer CT-320 😍
Today's retro machine is a Unisef TU-592 tape recorder made in Japan in 1976. It took me ages to get the take up spindle to work on this one and it irreparably chewed through two test tapes but lives again! #VintageHifi #cassettes #walkman
I've seen a few of these on the Internet as non working curios but never one working Have I got the only working Starlite 8006 in the world 🤔 #walkman
Here's the Sony TPS L2 pretender #walkman in action! Who were the 'Traveller's Studio' 🤔 #cassettetape #vintagehifi
Three more coloured tape shells from the charity shop! I rub off the printing with Brasso. It works a treat 🙂 #cassettes #casettetape
I've just test recorded over the Walt Disney horrors on the red one. I think it was Bambi 😬 Type 1 tape from 1977. Still up to the job but I'll probably respool it with some TDK from the late 90's 🙂 #cassettes #Cassettetape #vintagehifi
Tonight’s just saying.
What a US focused platform this is It's the middle of the night in Europe!
Should I step down as head of Twitter? I will abide by the results of this poll.
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