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How would you rate The Legend of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon to Playstation 3, Playstation 2, Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS
Watching Avatar in the Theater was a incredible Movie experience. I really enjoyed it. I missed out seeing it on its first go around in 2009. Glad to have this opportunity after 13 years. I’m really looking forward to see the second one, which will be out in December.
Good. Lock him up and throw the Keys away.
CONFIRMED: The hacker that LEAKED GTA 6 has been arrested. Source: @CityPolice
So President Joe Biden says the Pandemic is over? What do he mean it’s over? No it ain’t. I still wearing my Mask everywhere I go cause I ain’t taking any chances. President Joe Biden, get your facts straight.
Garfield and Friends Premiered 34 Years Ago Today: September 17, 1988 📺
Yup. I saw it yesterday. So good.
I appreciate everyone's love and support! Have you seen #TheWomanKing yet? 👑😍🙏🏿
Sweet! An A+.
Gina Prince-Bythewood’s ‘THE WOMAN KING’ earns a rare A+ on CinemaScore Read our review: bit.ly/TWKDF
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Pandora’s beauty awaits. Brand-new concept art has arrived for #AvatarTheWayOfWater, in theaters December 16.
Celebrating National Cinema Day by seeing the Extended Cut of Spider-Man: No Way Home in Cinemark XD. I missed out on it last Year, but I been given another opportunity. Thanks, @Cinemark. I had a really good time.
i think we can all agree that Little Jacob from Gta 4 is the best side character from any Rockstar game straight up
Yes it is.
Is Man of Steel a good movie?
Let me get this straight. You’re telling me that an Episode of Bluey is being Banned from America over a fucking Fart scene. Who cares?
A third-season episode of 'Bluey' appears to have been banned in the U.S.. READ MORE: fal.cn/3r7ko
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Hugs are the universal medicine
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I’m most definitely gonna go for sure. I missed out seeing it on the first go around because of my stupid injuries. I ain’t missing out on it again.
NEW: Tickets for #SpiderManNoWayHome - “The More Fun Stuff Version” will go on sale beginning August 9. The film drops in theaters on September 2. This new version will include added AND extended scenes, and it will screen in premium large formats, too. Who’s going? #Spiderverse
Two Words: Hell yeah.
Be honest, do you like Henry Cavill as Superman? #SDCC2022
Message to RK: R. Kelly, stop. Just stop. You may have been a brilliant Singer, but you’re the one that likes to fuck Little Girls. You have no one to blame but yourself. And I’m disgusted for what you did to the Sister who was your Hairdresser. So you deserve to be where you at.
Convicted felon R. Kelly is now playing the blame game versus accepting responsibility for his alleged predatory behavior. Any thoughts??? #RKelly #DreaKelly #Joann #Jaah #RobertKellyJr #Lovelytitv
I hope one day there will be a legitimate DVD release of Chip and Potato. In my opinion, as awesome this Cartoon is, it deserves it from one. Two: in case some of us can’t afford Netflix no more.
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There’s nothing wrong with that. I watch it sometimes too. I been hearing a lot People hating on Peppa Pig. But for me, it’s not that bad. It’s pretty interesting. Plus, I really like the British Accent from the Characters.
The Oscar nominated director said he watches Peppa Pig a lot with his two-year-old son Leo.
I don’t. I used to, but not anymore. There’s no future for this Country since now we got a bunch of Extremist and Fascist in charge. And right now I have no more hope for this Country.
I love America no matter what. I love America bcuz we’re flawed. I love America bcuz we dream. I love America even tho we’ve fucked up lots. I love America bcuz we yearn for freedom. I love America in spite of our founding curse of white supremacy. I love this flawed experiment.