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I love golf and tequila but not at the same time.

Alabama, USA
Joined June 2009
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Who wants a signed Krazy-8 #BreakingBad pilot script & Los Pollos Hermanos apron? YOU MUST: ✅️Retweet ✅️Follow @maxarciniega ✅️Send him a DM of your favorite scene from BCS/BB & why it’s your favorite scene. He will pick the best & we will announce 8/5! #BetterCallSaul
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You all know how important the #endcancer campaign is to me & now I've teamed up with Imperial and @MDAndersonNews for a collection to support the cause. Follow me and retweet this post for a chance 2 win of one my End Cancer Bucket Hats from @imperialhats
Hi @WeAreSinclair I just wanted to remind you that you suck at serving your customers. So does @DIRECTV You both excel in setting the bar for professional mediocrity. Thanks for nothing.
Dear @mynbc15 @WeAreSinclair and @DIRECTV YOU SUCK. Greedy and selfish and obviously don't give a crap about your viewers.
Hi @WeAreSinclair and @DIRECTV I just wanted to recognize both of you for setting the standard for mediocrity. You guys absolutely suck.
This woman can do ANYTHING. I love @AOC
Hi @ScottGrimes The moment I walked into this hotel in San Antonio I had to take this pic because it reminded me of one of my favorite movies. My wife and the front desk agent thought I was nuts. Please, do you get it? Also, the time capsule episode was amazing. "Wtf" ha ha.
Hey so when I'm working another brutal 40 hour work week, I need a new @TheOrville on Thursday to help get me through. Now I'm sad.
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Fans of Finau, here's your chance! 💚 We've teamed up with our friends @AccraGolfShafts to give away one of @tonyfinaugolf's #G400 Max drivers. AND it's signed! 🙌 Retweet and follow us for a chance to win. (One random winner announced 12/24).
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Giving away this signed flag from the 2012 Masters. I'll pick one person who RTs this tweet and follows my golf school (@dustinjohnsongolfschool) on Instagram. Follow it here:…
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Still feeling lucky from Vegas and thought I would do a giveaway of the #SPEEDBACK driver that helped me win at @ShrinersOpen. RT and follow for a chance to win and I’ll pick a name on Monday.
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Hi @AmericanAir Any chance we get a gate today? Been sitting on the runway here in Charlotte for 25 minutes. Pretty please? AA5237.
In the opening scenes Kim's cast appeared to be on her left arm and later on her right arm. I even asked my fam to look with me. Then I was motion sick because I thought I was missing something due to the mirror. Help! As always, amazing episode. @rheaseehorn @BetterCallSaul
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Want to win a set of my used wedges? Retweet this and be sure to follow me on Instagram. I will be selecting a winner Sunday night at 8 pm. #WeHere
Picture this...President @SethMacFarlane . Pretty catchy. Importantly, I bet you can do more voices than all other presidents combined and actually do good stuff. Let's get started.
Hi @SethMacFarlane Not sure if you've noticed but the news sucks every day. I really need some @TheOrville because it makes me happy. Have a nice day.
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Clubs need drying after a wet day at #TheOpen ☔️ Retweet for a chance to win my limited edition @TaylorMadeGolf bag
One summer I worked at a resort hotel on the beach. I smoked weed all day, handed out towels and boogie boards and got free resort cheeseburgers and shakes because my friend worked at the beachside grill. I gained 10 pounds. #worstsummerjob
Oh hell yes!
You can’t believe everything you read on social media, including the things I tweet. There is still hope for @nbcbetterlate . Retweet if you want us to ride again.
Hi @AmericanAir I wanted to thank you for great service yesterday. I had to be reaccomodated due to a weather delay and even though my final destination changed after 2 of my 3 flights, my luggage arrived without a hitch. Thanks for making a long travel day enjoyable.