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Teacher at Hans Cosmos Yoga & Meditation,attained goal of Vedas,Possessor of Samadhi & cosmic bliss,Witness Death & Cosmic Vision greater than wordily pleasure.

Kerala, India
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Vedas and Geeta never belong to hindu religion, only hindu religion founder captured it n put bondage of religion to mislead human kind. Human birth can take highest pleasure which are above than all sense pleasure such as taste,sex etc this treasure can be earn by following veda
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my shadow n my body rejoicing in munnar anachal forest area 25th jan morning 8.30
थी शिकायतें बेइंतहा हमें जमाने से, तेरे मिलने के बाद कोई एक भी नहीं @Soofinama
Its takes aprox one to two minutes when our kundalini arise from bottom of spine and walk till head but takes years to arouse it.
the temple of the lord is your own body, the worshipable statue of lord is contemplation of your own image or the image of that person whom you love, sitting without movement is greatest prayer, bearing pain in posture is the offering of flowers, gazing light in eyebrow is lamp
ए इश्क तेरी लौ ने मुझे जला जला कर आफताब बना डाला। जगती रातो ने मेरा अफसाना सुन सुन के मुझे मेहताब बना डाला। जब भी हुआ जिक्र जमाने में हासिल दौलतों का हमने हासिल हुए आफताब और मेहताब को छुपा खुद को दिवालिया बना डाला। @Soofinama
It is the devotion and love which make possible to attain and establish in Yoga. These two pillars of devotion n love supported by dedication are the base to build a yoga temple within body.
Once a teacher witness his male student and asked why you have grown your hairs and beard. Student said,Sir i would like to ask a question with the answer of following question and you have to answer. Teacher agreed.
Student said its naturally growing my hairs n beard i have not grown but why you have cut your hairs and beard, please tell. Teacher was thinking? The student was Osho, a spiritual soul. Salution to Osho.
मैं सब कुछ लुटा दूंगी तेरी चाहत में
When one learn yogic steps of meditation, withdrawl of senses,breath control, steady mind, concentration ,then any moment fruit of moksha may fall on him.
The wandering mind allows the sorrow to disturb the body. If one learn to steady the mind, his sorrows will cease.
The ultimate truth is death,every one chase life and turns unable to learn life and death both, rare one chase death, that turn fortunate as nature reveals him the truth of kundalini, self, soul, body, life and death. Attaining wise intellect he attain control on his senses.
As a charioteer handles reins and horses both so as our mind handle our senses and body both. If mind is not peacefulit will lead senses and body into wrong direction where it will perform sins, rapes, bribe, crime, murder are some ex of result of no peaceful mind.