Sooo, let's talk a bit about cosplay! ✨ I have the feeling that it is frowned upon a lot of times. 'A bunch of weird nerds playing dress-up'. Cosplay is so much more! How do you feel about cosplay (short for 'costume play')?
So, which hobbies did you all (re-)start during COVID? And which of them do you actually still do? I restarted making cosplays, but my kalimba is resting in peace 💀
For me personally, it's mostly about the creative process. Take San from my favourite Ghibli movie as an example. Her design is very simple, so what would a girl like her, living in the woods, look like in real life? What materials to use? (2nd 📷 by Laura Calandt)
Last tweet on cosplay. Another thing that I really like, is how you work with lots of different materials in cosplay. This is a work in progress, but I worked with taffeta silk, fake leather, and lots of EVA foam for this costume! Still have to do the wig and cast resin gems.

Jan 25, 2022 · 11:04 AM UTC

Replying to @Netherlanders
Li Ming was mijn main character, cool!
Zelfde hier! Ik koos haar daarom als mijn eerste 'armour' project 😊