The heart of darkness πŸ’œ my part of an art trade with the lovely @sabattons #FFXIV

Nov 14, 2021 Β· 1:26 AM UTC

Ohh πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– the contrast and the colours, this is so beautiful
Replying to @NipuniDraws
ahhhhhh, there they are! so wonderful to see them and their love in your style. you already got to see me blubber and lose my mind, so I'll keep it short β€” thank you again, these trades are always so, so fun πŸ’œ
OMG, es espectacular Nipu 😍
Oh! This is so gorgeous… Would someone be able to tell me who the characters are?
the character in white is elidibus, a npc from final fantasy 14, and the character in black is my original character, verrot, who I play within the game!
// I feel blessed for having seen this. Thank you <3
That's really amazing