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U(o)K? 風の谷, 美しい世界
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Were going to die. If it's true, Russians have been told to leave some countries. Some of those are in UK.
A week a month the end of year. How long is left for those whose death could have been prevented unprovoked I can't just ignore and turn my brain off.
I hate this Country. I knew it would be the death in some way. How do i sleep now. I want to just up and leave but the world doesn't allow it until evil strikes. I can't just leave family. And people like me aren't smart enough to be suddenly accepted permanently elsewhere.
Even France pushed England, to do more. England did more, and is threatened way more. I despise their leader too. I never really felt that this Country was truly home. I don't belong. Maybe I don't belong in this world. If I take my last breath myself. At least id be w/o worry
Where do you voice something that leaders won't listen too. We're just cattle. We aren't even told of where to go or what to do if the worst happens because the very people that pushed it probably will survive shelter or flee. As if theydont know. They know we will be gone.
How can I just leave. Itll take 2 to 3 months minimum but we could all be gone by then. You cant just shoot everything down to intercept. I want to throw up. Some people even joke or push for this Country to be erased. And its been called out multiple times by those that fire it
Maybe id feel better if I didnt read that they apparently want to erase our existence because of the past. All it takes is 1 hit and ill be in the circle. They push for war. They know it. I never hurt anyone but people hurt us. Hypocrite! Theres no valid passport. No time left.
With this talk of new clear, I have a tummy ache and probably wont sleep well. For people like me, I get anxious so I cant just go on living fine like everyone else. My mind wont let me. Knew I should have just went to sleep. Its 4am now Want to leave but cant leave things behind
Easy. Should have just super rich. Yo. Yo.
We won't survive here. Wish I could just take everyone and leave right now. Predictable.
Who are we truly. Is there one answer, more than one answer or none.
Is it too late? Maybe. For you. For them. Who knows. Who truly cares. When one has nothing to lose. Who else will go down? Or what? Why do you always think you are right. Or maybe you know you are wrong. What is right or wrong? The world is full of hypocrites. I wanted to live.
Apparently that's too depressing to think about so ignore it. They are able to live a comfortable life every second. If it's not me, why care. What are we here for if you can't question the wrongs or what ifs. What will happen every 100 years. One day. Things will backfire.
People don't always take serious things seriously. Thinking they are invincible. Diving headfirst without consequences. Then when it happens. What then. Do they care. Not always. Even if their actions caused someone else harm. I don't want to die from someone else. Will I?
So you have sit and wait. While those that don't deserve the free pass get it anyway. Sometimes only lies can be a big part of survival I see. And money. Money is always there.
If we disappear soon. I guess the debt will be paid. It seems lives are the real bet. Even if youre innocent. Many don't care until it's too late or something tragic happens or if it affects only them. Then life moves on. It's stupid. Protests aren't always possible.
No one truly cares. Our death just makes others richer. And so does others passing. We're like cattle, auctioned to be culled. I never really got to see this World. I knew I didn't fully belong here. What is this for. Money? Power? I guess this helps the depopulation conspiracy.
I guess death is more likely now? Places elsewhere are also at risk. Will we survive the year? Will the other Countries? If threats are serious, we are an easy target to show the world. Look what can happen to you. Anymore sabotage will be game over? If he loses, game over?
No one would care if this Country disappears Were on our own. The rich can flee. We cant. Dont think these threats to certain places are all joke Why are Russia led 2 believe that the people today of England, should cease to exist based on lies. The people had f all to do with it
Doesn't help that US President groups us together in another way. He hates us all too. By hitting US, there is too much to lose? But a place like uk is reason to eliminate as there isn't anything to gain. We are bait like the others he threats. Apparently we are our ancestors.