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Clinging to Trump is beyond pathetic. The Republican "base" has no leadership. It is truly over for them.
I feel so bad for Andy, I'd love to send him a new pussy hat.
Dear Wyoming women: when you stand in that voting booth today, when you’re all alone…no husband, no boyfriend, no #Trump, no toxic male energy around you…remember what a strong, dedicated, brave patriotic woman @Liz_Cheney is. And I know you’ll do the right thing… #LizCheney
Saw this promoted tweet. You want to talk about a consulting company that can mess a place up.
McKinsey’s Black Leadership Academy accelerates the progression of Black leaders in their organizations. The program is designed on building the leadership capabilities and network that distinguish successful executives to help them achieve the next big step in their careers.
Won't mean a damn thing.
CNN wonders what Liz Cheney losing might "mean for our democracy."
So dad is looking for a replacement vehicle for mom's parents. He forgot what a pain in the ass it is buying a vehicle and how much Rocco the bulldog's dad helped him negotiate the price on his current vehicle. He saved dad at least $10k.
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This evening I had the pleasure of mowing Ms. Bush’s lawn . It was great seeing her . Making a difference one lawn at a time .
No sure I'd let Tiger drive. #JustSayin
Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler touch down at Atlantic Aviation as they visit the @BMWchamps.
Pippa want to try this.
Miss Basil loves her some corn on the cob.
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Dad made steaks tonight... Mom: This steak is so good, what did you do differently? Dad: I made a marinade with equal parts of Head Country marinade and Red Boat fish sauce. Mom: I wish you hadn't told me that. 🤢 Fish sauce adds so much umami.
The human's new favorite cooking product. Highly recommended.
The best place to order the duck fat spray is Ace Hardware if you have one near you.
Hope you find a great forever home.
Tears of happiness after being rescued and given warm milk 🍼
When you consider what men will do for a Klondike bar, the power of boobs is limitless.
Underrated tweet. ⬇️
Enjoying that box wine tonight?
Mom is back, Pippa is excited, and dad now realizes that talking to mom is no different than talking to Pippa. Pippa listens but doesn't respond and mom responds without having a f*cking clue what dad said...just says "Yes" and "Sure" periodically when he talks.
So, mom has only been gone a few days, but dad is conversing with Pippa like Tom Hanks and Wilson in Cast Away. Biggest problem is Pippa doesn't seem to care about the #fedexchamp or Cam Smith signing with #LIVGolf. Look at that apathy!
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🤣🤣🤣 There's no prize money in The President's Cup. This must be Greg Norman's burner account. #FedExCup #PGATour
No cut this until after tourney is over how is that competition guaranteed money too. wow sounds like Liv golf besides having to watch 50+% commercial promoting president cup which has no cut team play and guaranteed money PGA a bunch of white racsist trying to keep their slave
A much better book for kids than, "My Dad Thinks He's My Mom".
Einstein's General Relativity for babies 👶
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Looking at my TL and what's trending, today is a good day to stay off Twitter.