I thought the point of a budget was to determine what you could and couldn't do. If you have a very small budget, you make a very small project, and focus on substance over style. This whole thing reads as one massive copout.
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Jan 19, 2022 路 6:46 AM UTC

Replying to @OfficialAPoD
I can't speak for the animation quality (which wasn't atrocious, it is just very Westernized), but as someone who semi-writes for a living I am a bit appalled that a lot of comments are along the lines of, "wHaT dOeS bUdGeT hAvE tO dO wItH wRiTinG?"
I have hundreds of documents that are just word vomit with no narrative structure or even grammar in most cases. I empty my mind when it's full of ideas, and structure it into a cohesive narrative later. If I'm short on time, it's going to be more vomit than story.