An exiled Scouse who firmly believed Johnson has destroyed all aspects of the UK , including the consequences of Brexit, a disastrous legacy for our children.

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They should be whipped and forced to attend. They voted for it, THEY OWN IT!
"Stop calling it a mini-budget or fiscal event. It was a massive shift in economic policy. The country is in complete economic shock," says @maitlis. "MPs are telling me they're staying away from the Tory conference. They don't want to answer questions." Listen on @GlobalPlayer
Typical Tory playbook, if a report is uncomfortable, ditch it or seal it so it doesn't come back and bite you. She's done it before.
Thérèse Coffey scraps promised paper on health inequality Dear poorer people, this government hates you. Please do not vote Conservatives…
This will get everyone out on the streets for sure.
I’ve go to admit, telling pensioners, the disabled & people on low incomes that we can’t raise their benefits with inflation because we need the money to give to millionaires is a tough sell. I’m going to have to up the anti EU & anti migrant rhetoric to get it over the line.
So after all the unnecessary spending on their friends and supporters, it's clear there will be cuts. There's NOWHERE ELSE TO CUT!!' So we are left with public services, pensions, benefits, NHS . Any will cause a revolution.
'Efficiency savings' is a euphemism for spending cuts. So let's be clear: the govt is going to cut public services to fund tax cuts for the very richest.…
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In a letter from OBR chief Richard Hughes to SNP MPs @alisonthewliss and @ianblackford_MP * We sent a draft economic and fiscal forecast to the new Chancellor on 6 September, his first day in office. We offered, at the time, to update that forecast
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Difficult economic times that you and yours have put us in. Now step aside and let some adults take a look at it, and get rid of that disrespectful incompetent chancellor. the longer you put this off the worse it gets. Some public servant!!
We are facing difficult economic times globally. We must put this country on a trajectory for long-term growth whilst maintaining fiscal discipline. Cutting taxes will boost investment, creating jobs and opportunities for all. That is what our Growth Plan will deliver.
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This should haunt him for the rest of his career. His constituents need to remember this too.
There is something wrong with him. He disgraced himself at the funeral service of the Queen. Why isn’t he out of office?
Whip them all to attend Party Conference! It'll be like a Comedy Store!
They're doomed!!! What red wall? That's gone. And the latest polls eliminates all those top Tories that we hate. Good times!
'We are now entering an extinction-level event for the Conservative party.' Tom Swarbrick says the 'farcical bunch of chancers' in government must U-turn on their tax cuts unless they can make a rescue plan for the economy. @TomSwarbrick1
So according to @Ianblackford_MP the OBR offered to create a report in time for the so called "mini-budget" but was turned down. Another clue that this government knew how bad it was going to be and chose not to expose it. @LBC @AndrewMarr9
Jobs for the boys, regardless of ability.
It is an honour to take on the role of Lord Chancellor and I look forward to working with and supporting our brilliant judiciary and the legal professions. I intend to be both a good steward and a trustworthy custodian of English and Welsh Law.
New game for the conference. SPOT THE TORY MP!
Bridgen on #politicslive she has had to face "hostile questioning" from local radio. Poor lamb
Kwasi Kwarteng receives shortest email in recorded history:
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Genuine question. In your opinion, has the government completely lost control of the economy? Please retweet for fairness.
96% Yes
4% No
3,486 votes • 1 day
They clearly saw one opportunity and took it. Seasoned TV media ask a question, rarely follow up, then back off. Perhaps they're scared of not getting future interviews, but sometimes look almost empathetic.
They outperformed the national interviews by a mile 🤣🤣🤣 #ToriesOut84
Nice one, well done!
Exclusive footage of Liz Truss appearing on BBC local radio this morning.
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Eat your words @paulmasonnews they did a better job in shorter time than any mainstream TV media. So called "expert" presenters ask a specific question, get diverted avoided or lied to, and then RARELY FOLLOW UP.
It's OPERATION ROLLING PARTRIDGE!!! Liz Truss is going to hit BBC •local radio• stations this morning where a bunch of sleep-deprived non-expert presenters will throw her soft questions, while she dodges the heavy hitters. (h/t @politico )
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If you support Labour, please retweet this. I’ll follow everyone that retweets this whether you follow me or not. Let’s unite / get together, Labour family together.🌹 The tories are the cost of living crisis.
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Well said @NickFerrariLBC however, you should know, these people become bullet proof, nothing lands on them, as they are expert diverters and deflectors. Honesty and straight answers no longer exist in Politics
. @NickFerrariLBC absolutely loses his patience with Chris Philp for trying to patronise listeners by blaming everything on Ukraine. All the leading economic outlets attribute the UK turmoil this week to the wild & irresponsible kamikwasi budget.