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Well that was a dream come true...
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second floor apartment activities
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I am sitting in my living room on the couch for the first time since Friday. Too many memories and the fact she was here last Friday and it all felt okay made me not want to but I have to get out of the bedroom at some point..
Can I get a w
Who wants to go do this w me
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There’s a huge difference between people who will tell you what they “want” to do for you and people who will just DO it. Talk is very free, actions aren’t
Don’t step foot in the piss room
Go hang a salami is im a lasagna hog backwards
I think the only band she even remotely liked that I showed her was Thornhill but only the heroine album. So I’m glad that a lot of my music I listen to won’t have an impact on thoughts like that. Still though, some songs will hit me like a train I’m sure.
The cold hard reality when coming home and everything of hers is gone
I just don’t understand how you can go from talking to someone every day morning to night and just out of nowhere cut them from your existence entirely.
Fitting song name for what’s going on in my life right now
Remember Me • 2/1/23 pre-save here:
The only way to describe what I’ve been feeling is that feeling you get when you think about what’s going to happen when you die That hopelessness and being lost and afraid of the unknown. That’s how I’ve been feeling
I really do need to eat though. Only ate a pop tart today. Only ate a bowl of cereal yesterday and the day before that.
It is nice to be telling people and writing my thoughts out instead of just bottling it all in. That’s just recipe for torture
To top off this shitty evening, just found out a highschool buddy of mine died last night due to a reckless driver. Booher was the man, best artist I ever knew too. RIP...
Atleast the new Currents album won’t be associated with her
Y’all honestly might as well mute me because this account is about to be the biggest cesspool of negative thoughts
Could really use someone to talk to if anyone is willing
Literally don't even know what to do anymore, I just feel so lost
Heartbroken. Defeated. Destroyed. I did everything I could to prove to her that it could be made right, but even in the end. My best efforts fell short of getting her back.