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So are you gonna buy it?
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This is actually a really good point that I did not consider before.
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Muting people because they verified their account is fucking petty.
This is my reach on facebook. I did not have to pay for it. All I did was upload good content.
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ptw ftw
I wonder how many people who were against paying for twitter blue will now be buying it.
Starting April 15th, only verified accounts will be eligible to be in For You recommendations. The is the only realistic way to address advanced AI bot swarms taking over. It is otherwise a hopeless losing battle. Voting in polls will require verification for same reason.
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I'm a vet. You'd be surprised how delinquent some vets act. But also, "i served" is such a wack statement. I bet she never saw an ounce of any danger or combat. Probably worked in the mail room or something.
MEGA entitled Karen blocks the elevator and will not let a woman use it to get to her home.
Not trying to tell you to leave RL, but if you made content that had a broader audience you could make $10/20/30k per month pretty easily. Life changing amounts of money.
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Its the perfect content to watch when taking a nice long dump.
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Way more vaginas or pp's than just one (whatever your into).
I smell opportunity.
I bet you have an awesome backlog of short form content just WAITING to go viral on facebook. Take marks money homie.
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This is one thing I really appreciate about you and blowbax. You guys do drama content, but you put a lot of thought into what is really right and wrong. It doesnt go unnoticed and I appreciate you guys being able to see the multiple sides to things most of the time.
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It's groundwork for UI. They are going to add a way to choose thumbnails like on tiktok very soon.
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Maybe a wagyu feast epic meal time style.
AYO! A fuckin legend just followed me!