Teachers cannot teach and children cannot learn effectively where their health or safety is at risk. We have today submitted our plan to ministers across the UK to keep schools safe during the pandemic. nasuwt.org.uk/article-listin…

Nov 13, 2020 Β· 4:56 PM UTC

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This πŸ‘‡ @NASUWT @NEUnion this is why parents, pupils and school staff are so ANGRY and disappointed in your inability to ACT Letters and videos expressing concern have been IGNORED by @educationgovuk Why did you not act when the inadequate guidance was released?
Where is the threat to withdraw our Labour due to unsafe working conditions? Weak again Patrick!
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Sadly too late for one of my former colleagues. Good luck with all that you are doing to try & create a safe, working environment for members everywhere
Workload is also relentless. This is shocking. Mental health - particularly anxiety is sky high. Both staff and kids.
Retired 10 yrs ago, proud to be part of our active union, and am horrified by stories coming out of schools. We went on strike for equal pay in 70s. Please can you explain to me why we are not doing the same now? This is a much greater attack on teachers' health and lives!
And when you continue to be ignored by the government what then?