We are calling for teachers & other education staff to be prioritised for Covid vaccines as part of a wider package of enhanced safety measures to support education recovery. Visit nasuwt.org.uk/news/campaigns… for resources to join the campaign #vaccinate2educate

Jan 9, 2021 · 11:07 AM UTC

Replying to @PatrickR_NASUWT
I don’t think that giving a student or newly qualified teacher or any other non clinical based person with no underlying health conditions should be a priority until we have enough supplies to vaccinate all our elderly and CEV population.
They should be prioritised BUT ONLY AFTER THE 50+ PRIORITY GROUPS HAVE HAD THEIRS. Any old/vulnerable teachers will be swept up in that, the others are less likely to die if they catch Covid. Clinical NEED must not be ignored.
Replying to @PatrickR_NASUWT
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The Gov have not changed guidance for schools even with the higher transmitability and rapid spread currently happening country wide. Should secondary children now mask in lessons too? Many teachers I speak to say so . #Covid19UK #schoolsreopening
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