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NEW: Polling from @YouGov suggests public is sceptical of today's mini-budget. - 63% say Chancellor’s plan will mainly benefit the wealthy over the poor - 9% say it'll benefit everyone equally - Only 19% say the measures will grow the economy Govt will hope to prove them wrong.

Sep 23, 2022 · 4:03 PM UTC

Don't forget...
It’s like Truss etc have forgotten they’re not appealing to a Tiny Tory base. The country hate them.
@toryboypierce this is what real life polling looks like, not #gbeebies nonsense.
Why do we ask the public on these matters? Surely, unless you’re an actual economist or a person with similar qualifications your opinion isn’t relevant?
“the policy response required to what is going on is clear: a large, inter-meeting rate hike from the Bank of England as soon as next week to regain credibility with the market. And, a strong signal that it willing to do “whatever it takes” to bring inflation down quickly” DB
But, Paul, what does The Wise One @sophielouisecc think??? 😂😂😂
Way to much ‘hope and suggests’ in your tweet. Can you be clearer pls. Poll is saying this budget is awful an it will kill poor ppl. But the rich and Tory donors are happy.
There's 9% in the UK, who are either lying, or live in a mansion.
Must be people who have no idea about politics because that is factually untrue
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They want to grow the economy who spends the most? Not hard to see what they are doing albeit very badly