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Replying to @AOC @LulaOficial
It's Trump's fault! He gave them the idea.
Replying to @cspan @RepJeffries
I laughed so hard when he said "maturity over Mar-a-Lago." I am conservative and I used to be proud of being a Republican until Trump corrupted the party.
Yes, it was consensual - but it was also adultery, a betrayal of Bill's wedding vows.
22 is old enough to know better. They were both at fault.
Replying to @KariLake
So - you're imitating Trump again!
Replying to @RepMTG
Good for you, Marjorie! This is the first time I've approved of something you've said. Keep it up! I love to see civility and kindness between politicians of different parties.
Replying to @pwtham11 @Acyn
I still think he was a hero on January 6 - but it's too bad he has gone back to his sycophantic ways.
Replying to @tnkrbel53 @Acyn
If he could have, he would have. Sadly, he has to be backed into a corner with no wiggle room before he will act on principle.
Replying to @therecount
Why does Mike have to be backed into a corner to do the right thing? On January 6, he finally stood on principle and refused to do his Trump's bidding - but that was because he had no wiggle room left. He is an enabler. He's like a permissive parent who is afraid to say no.
Replying to @Jane57Lisa
This guy gets scarier and scarier!
Replying to @patriottakes
I needed a laugh today! Let him sell his cards. I would rather have him do this than politics.
Why couldn't McConnell take it a step farther and IMPEACH Trump? It would have worked out so much better in the long run.
Replying to @MarkMoreau12 @Acyn
You have it backwards. Nancy WAS asking for help that day.
Replying to @LuisRC44 @Acyn
You have your facts backward. Nancy Pelosi was begging for help that day - and Trump never offered it.