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I gotta admit it’s pretty great to have less than 100 followers and not give a flying fuck about lost “numbers” 🤣🤣🤣 Its still fuck elon, every day, all day
Replying to @laurenboebert
Says the reckless moron who wants to normalize guns like this in the home. Fuck you and your empty thoughts and prayers.
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Average jeans colour per US state
The mass hysteria generated by some rumors is…troubling 😒
Twitter in the shitter? Congrats @elonmusk
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Republicans running in the midterms: ‘INFLATION! CRIME! THE BORDER! INFLATION! CRT! INFLATION! INFLATION! INFLATION!!!!’ [Take control of the House] ‘Our top priority is… Hunter Biden!’ 🙄
I picked a good night to get drunk. CHEERS! 🥃🥃
This is the coldest shit I’ve read all night 🤣
Can’t believe Nevada is Tiffany Trump’s “something blue.” 💙
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“What now, bitches?!” - Shark
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I have a feeling Pennsylvania will never see oz again 🤣
📺 NEW VIDEO You wouldn’t trust them with your kids. Don’t trust them with your country. #GOPGroomers
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They all have the same script 😒
Where have I seen this rhetoric before...
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When you lay down with orange fucking pigs…
BREAKING: Members of Trump’s legal team attempted to stage an intervention hours before he filed a deranged lawsuit yesterday against NY AG Letitia James. Trump’s Org’s main lawyer warned the lawyers that they might be committing malpractice.…
It’s crazy that white people who use the word “woke” as a negative term have zero clue as to where the term actually comes from. Keep sleeping on that history, dumbasses
Well Halloween was a bust😒 I didn’t get even one fentanyl pill, just stupidass candy 🤷🏾‍♂️
I don’t usually agree with preachers especially when they’re behind a pulpit, but this right here! This is some raw truth right here
Y’all wanna see a dead body? 😳 #HerschelWalker
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"There is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye"
Kinda crazy how a Black man selling cigarettes on the sidewalk is so dangerous he needs to be killed, but a group of white people carrying rifles and sitting next to a ballot box, photographing, following people who are voting is just fine. Juuuust fine
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Stop asking Black people why we support the Democratic Party 🎈 if you read a damn book 📖 you’d know why (In my @DrChronology voice) #VoteBlueIn2022
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Replying to @RepMTG
You’ve consistently voted against veterans.