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As woke becomes "normalized" it will bring in the "new woke" (more evil). Then when that becomes normalized it will bring in ... You get my drift! We are indeed in a spiritual Armageddon (battle) - waiting for the Lord BIG-TIME!!
Polyamory is the cringiest trend to emerge from woke culture.
The new 'golden calf' of the 20th century - good one !!
So is this hideous statue the new golden-calf of the liberal and abortion movement ?
Looks like Gog and Magog are about to step up to the plate!
This UN gal doesn't like Elon Musk ! Careful Elon she's going to sic somebody after you!
At the WEF, UN regulator issues a stern warning to @ElonMusk: If you don’t comply and regulate speech, the UN will issue sanctions
From Amir via Telegram
Not much different than when taking organs from babies in an abortion except the babies don't have a choice in the master.…
She 'forgot' the first word - LIFE !! Couldn't say it could she!
Kamala Harris, while giving a speech on abortion, leaves out the right to life when quoting the Declaration of Independence.
How about phrasing more accurately: "Make killing your baby safe and legal again !"
It is literally beyond belief that 50 years after Roe v. Wade, in the year 2023, we are still debating whether women can control their own bodies. Congress must act to codify Roe v. Wade and make abortion safe and legal again.
UP UNTIL BIRTH !!! The bill still has to pass Senate etc. Tap pic for story.
BREAKING: Minnesota House Passes Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth…
Agree 1000% !!
This Tweet from @dalepartridge has been withheld in France based on local law(s).
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It's not often you see this kind of courage in professional sports anymore 👇…
How things work in DC
This shouldn't surprise us .
A man was reportedly forced to choose between stripping or getting kicked out of a public mall, all for wearing a Christian t-shirt.…
My name is Irene Armendariz-Jackson. I live in El Paso. I am a Border Patrol Wife. Joe Biden’s visit today is a photo-op & lie. I’ve set up the Border Security Coalition to help SECURE OUR BORDER. Our lives here depend on it. Will you RT this & follow me to spread the word?
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This is funny.
Everything changes once you know what McCarthy and Gaetz were actually saying #118thCongress #KevinMcCarthy #MattGaetz
May the Lord have mercy! (Click pic for article)
What else can we say when an ordained minister in the Church of England uses his clerical collar to promote transgender activism? The Perversion of the Clergy - The Stream…
Can't see how one can be a Christian and be a Democrat party member!
Please can someone explain to me what “abortion benefit” is? What is this bloodthirsty culture we live in?