We would never sell off the “Vaccines Manufacturing Centre” Well said, Keir Starmer. The government’s sell-off of UK science & manufacturing is a tragedy.
Here is a question to Dr @mikegalsworthy : The 70+ years old and even 60+ years old received their boosters 8 - 10 weeks ago or even before that. I haven't heard of any plans for a 4th jab and now all social distancing measures are cancelled including masks? What happens next?
There are no plans & no mitigations either generally or in health education transport etc. Mask wearing has been scrapped & it’s all about saving @BorisJohnson & his authoritarian crew. We’re being abandoned @CMO_England @UKHSA? Only @SadiqKhan is trying keeping masks on @TfL 1/2
I will continue to avoid crowded indoor situations shops and public transport and wear FFP3 masks when I need to go into public spaces. I order online and do click and collect shopping. I’m still dealing with the fallout from Covid last May. 2/2

Jan 19, 2022 · 9:53 PM UTC