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Liberal and here to keep fighting the forces that led to Trumpism. passionate about justice and the environment. MAGA is a disorder. No DMs

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If you feel that sensible gun legislation threatens your right to own a gun, then you shouldn’t own a gun. You couldn’t pass a background check? You couldn’t wait a week or two? You couldn’t pay for insurance or a safe? If you can’t be well regulated, you don’t deserve a gun.
You’d think a Chinese spy balloon wouldn’t survive over the “well armed militia” of Montana. Where are the good guys with the guns?
What’s making me mad today? The fact that a politically appointed judge in the back waters of a Texas can make a ruling and deprive an entire nation of women from a safe and decades proven abortifacient.
Let’s make them vote on a 23% sales tax. All right GOP, show us what you are.
Such an interesting thread. It’s good to remember that a lot if psychology was made up by men with very antiquated and often self serving interests.
I just read -- in the book SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO by Jess Hill -- about the incident in Stockholm for which Stockholm Syndrome is named, and I am royally pissed off on behalf of all women, buckle up.
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The question should not be will any Democrats vote for Kevin McCarthy, the question SHOULD be will any Republicans have the decency to stand up for the American people and vote for Hakeem Jefferies. It is not the democrats job to bail the republicans out of their infighting.
Now NPR asks whether the GOP is trying to get democrats to help them!?!? Why don’t we ask the GOP if any of them are going to defect and vote for Jeffries? That would be for the good of the country.
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The guy who filmed Andrew Tate's response to Greta Thunberg
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What color is your fragile man?
yes, please do enlighten me. email me at
Twitter now days: Elon says something despicable. People call him out. Elon devotees jump on threads to win the boot licking competition in their own heads. Rinse. Repeat.
Hey DOJ, this is how you do it. It isn’t that hard.
How novel for coup plotters to be stopped in advance instead of announcing their coup plot on the internet for several months, attacking the Capitol, and then remaining free to plot "Coup 2: Return of the Coup"…
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Another day, another chance for this illegitimate Supreme Court to rule in a highly partisan manner.
Washington dodged a bullet when that guy lost. The red parts of our states consistently bring us the worst of the worst.
NEW: Ferry County & the city of Republic pay $275,000 to settle lawsuit alleging Loren Culp & another officer botched a 2013 child sexual abuse investigation… via @seattletimes
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Going shopping. Hope I don’t get shot.
Mass shootings aren’t “events” and casualties no more than 10 isn’t something good. This shouldn’t be normal, but we’ve chosen as a country to make them normalized.
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NRA paid hard cash … Winsome doesn’t know her value
Twitter under Musk is an interpretation of Animal Farm. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” has become “All tweets are equal, but my tweets are more equal than others.”
Schools need drag queens to stomp shooters. They’d be far safer than with armed police officers.
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This new post to view is annoying, but I can scroll by like a pro. It’s the “your following”. You’re following. You are following. It isn’t my following. #TikTok
He’s back to distract from yet another Tesla recall. Elon’s failing at Tesla and Twitter, look at this train wreck instead.
Originally I joined Twitter to tweet mean things at and about Trump. So 🤷‍♀️
I’d love Elon’s antics to kill billionaire romance. He’s lifted the veil. Billionaires suck and we shouldn’t read romances about them.