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The image I made by combining my earnest wish with my favorite photo on July 2nd, 2021⬇️
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This little girl took my hand and walked across the border into her country. She was born a refugee, her parents had sought asylum abroad. Solidarity allowed her to grow up safely. Wise politics now allow her to return home. It should always be so. Today is #WorldRefugeeDay
John Kirby chokes up while discussing Ukraine finding another mass grave nypost.com/2022/04/29/john-k… via @nypost “It’s difficult to look at some of the images and imagine that any well-thinking, serious mature leader would do that.” #Ukraine #JohnKirby
The quote from the article⬇️ “'We now have credible information that a Russian military unit operating in the vicinity of Donetsk executed Ukrainians who were attempting to surrender, rather than take them into custody,' Van Schaak said.
'If true, this would be a violation of a core principle of the laws of war: the prohibition against the summary execution of civilians and combatants who are hors de combat by virtue of surrender, injury, or other forms of incapacitation.'”
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14/14 Help us tell the truth about the war to the rest of Russia's citizens. Help us smash Putin's lies. Help us destroy the ideological base of this lying, aggressive, senseless and vicious war. Support the word of truth gofundme.com/f/navalny-team
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"Aid alone will not stop people forced by war to flee, nor will it give them what they really want and need – peace and safety at home..." ~ Deputy High Commissioner @KellyTClements delivers powerful remarks to the #UNSC Full statement: unhcr.org/admin/execoffice/6…
I ask everyone to increase their prayers for peace and to have the courage to say, to show that peace is possible. Political leaders, please, listen to the voice of the people who want peace, not an escalation of the conflict.
bbc.com/news/world-europe-61… "She was a great mother, friend, with all the best qualities. It will be impossible for me to find somebody else like Valeria. She was perfect. Such a person could be given to you only once in a life and it's a gift from God." #Ukraine #family #soulmates
Their spirit definitely teaches us something very important💐🇺🇦💐
💐👏💐 University of Tokyo to accept students, researchers affected by Russian invasion | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/2… #TokyoUniversity #UkraineCrisis
#Wars and #conflicts must be stopped for the #humanitarians, too🙏 They are already very busy because of other causes like climate change💔 #StandWithUkraine #withrefugees #StopWars #stopconflicts #peace
Proud of the UNHCR team in Ukraine, working across the country to support government and local authorities in providing cash, relief supplies, shelter options to thousands forced to flee their homes by the war. UNHCR is committed to scaling up further where possible and needed.
Number of refugees from Ukraine🇺🇦 (based on his tweets)💔 <February> 25th 50K 26th > 150K 27th 368K 28th > 500K
Refugees from Ukraine are now 4 million, five weeks after the start of the Russian attack. I have just arrived in Ukraine. In Lviv I will discuss with the authorities, the UN and other partners ways to increase our support to people affected and displaced by this senseless war.
<March> 4th 1.2M 6th > 1.5M 8th. 2M 11th 2.5M 15th 3M 30th 4M