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Picture of a lovely bit of horse flesh with a superfluous human penis halfway up its back!
I Spy with my little eye something beginning with DG - the ultra-slippery Darren Grimes.
Watch carefully as @JacobReesMogg9 sticks his head up his own arse and discovers a fresh supply of 馃悅馃挬. About time that someone snapped the #WorstedPencil across their knee!
Tim Farron
The PM鈥檚 dangerous blind spot is that he does everything that his corrupt followers do. Hard to criticise / sack them when to do so would mean having to sack himself.
Sophy Ridge on Sunday & The Take
#KateHoey goes home early and makes space in IKEA鈥檚 car park
Come along Boris mon Pete petit chou it鈥檚 just a dog complaining that you are stuck to some of its poo 馃挬馃挬
I have no hesitation in welcoming this long overdue response to our beastly PM. Why has it taken #Hoyle so long to threaten to throw the toys out of his pram?鈥
Johnson exhibiting his usual level of expertise at any task in which he chooses to involve himself. Takes me back to the #ChimpsTeaParty at London Zoo in the 1950s.鈥
Watch out piglets these two harpies can already see you as rashers on a griddle.
This is to be revised to read WE ARE NO1 IN THE WORLD FOR BEHAVING LIKE CRASS ARSEHOLES. Other text will be deleted. Like everything else the Tories are considering drafting an apology for being the aforementioned #CrassArseholes
Compare this with the stick given to #EdMilliband over that cooked bacon sandwich. Fatty from Bullingdon obviously wants to be sure of getting his share. #NoGraceNoStyleNoIdea
#Cleverley is a poor but total liar. The #WithdrawalAgreement never was a #deal as everyone knew. Johnson promised an #OvenReadyDeal - he even went so far as to say that he had one. He was called out on it but persisted in the lie.
Peter Stefanovic
After a lying Johnson session at #PMQT today refresh your memory on the record of #PMMendacity
Peter Stefanovic
This came out in March but is well worth listening to. Transmission risks well explained
Opening shots of #KenClarke & #EdDavey piqued my interest but then #Gove 鈥渢rustworthy鈥!?! Worth watching & so well made
馃挘 薀岽蕗蕗蕪 岽纱岽 岽樶磤岽準 馃挘
The living proof of wise words to me years ago that Runneymeade is #BlueRosetteOnAPigCountry. This young fool needs to realise that his #daily decisions don鈥檛 just affect him.
Haggis_UK 馃嚞馃嚙 馃嚜馃嚭