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Definitely not woke.

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The people who terrorised governments to lockdown are non other than the magnificent journalists. Overpaid, over hyped and unfortunately many are over here
With the vice president of the EU parliament and four others arrested for corruption Now the New Zealand tyrant stepping down before she is pushed and investigated maybe these people who have terrorized the world with lockdowns etc are feeling the heat good Riddance
Some might think that the NHS develops medicines when all along its private pharmaceutical companies!
Boris Johnson going down in history as Prime Minister will only be for the wrong reasons. Should he be writing a memoir? No Did he pioneer the vaccine? No…other people did that while he was a leader having parties while others died. #JeremyVine
Not the government butt a handy tool for socialism. Am all in favour of scraping this poll tax.
Anybody else feel like the BBC licence fee is akin to paying the government to lie to you?
As long as it’s declared why barr them? They might learn of a better way of doing things!
Should MPs be barred from holding financial interests in private healthcare companies?
Starmer has stated we need grownups in the government. Grownups, really? Is that the bar? That’s a really low bar, I’m a grownup and I’m a fecking idiot most of the time. I want a government made up of exceptional people, like Jeremy Corbyn and Mick Lynch!
Socialists became vocal.
Twitter has recently become a safer space for racists and rapists and fascists. What happened?
Clarkson and Amazon have parted company. Thanks Harry and Meghan.
Luvvie socialists again.
RWANDA LATEST: Judges have just granted permission for the controversial asylum removals scheme to go be challenged at the Court of Appeal. This decision means NO FLIGHTS will be leaving the UK soon.
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Yet another reform shit down immediately. I suggest all GPs are employed solely by the NHS, all at the same salary. No 24 hr retirement and compulsory permanent retirement .
Self referral’s a TERRIBLE idea. Non sensical, dangerous & bizarre. Consultants are the wizards. GP’s are the gatekeepers. Both are highly skilled at what they do. Come on @UKLabour ! Stop denigrating the work GP’s do & focus on the actual problems.
Handbags at dawn!
Chris Law SNP claims, any attempt by the UK Government to block the Scottish Governments Gender Reform Bill, would be attempt to block the will of the Scottish people. Is he having a laugh or is he on the deludemol?
Devastating rapes & sexual violence committed by a serving police officer. Tribute to victims’ bravery that he has been caught but he should never have been in police. After the murder of Sarah Everard Government promised change. That has badly failed. Women are being let down
Fair question. Put up council tax?
I have put the following question to Council this Weds. There probably won’t be time for me to speak on this, but the Cities social housing is in crisis - yes, another Crisis.
No the BMA called a strike. More money please, no strings attached and no accountability.
Have the Conservatives deliberately run the NHS down in order to accelerate moves toward privatisation?
A proper little socialist!
I want to see Brexit reversed, PR introduced, authoritarian laws repealed, end of non-dom, tax haven & tax avoidance, proper public sector pay, NHS fully funded & staffed, & government dedicated to the public good not the partisan interests of donors & self-seeking politicians.
But Blair did illegally invade another country. Not sure the Conservative have either.
I have never once dodged a £3m tax bill, looted a pension fund, fired and rehired an entire workforce, knocked £20 off Universal Credit, sold the NHS a shedload of dodgy PPE or illegally invaded any country in the Middle East. That's why they call me a leftwing extremist.
Well you both share the workplace so knock on his door and ask a few questions!
Where is Grant Shapps? He’s gone very quiet all of a sudden.…
Tax evasion is not illegal. If I could legally evade paying more tax I would. For example the poll tax called the licence fee. Totally unnecessary but not to pay is illegal.
Tax Evaders. My take: they consciously decide to defraud us. The result means our country has less to invest in public services like the NHS. There is no place for tax evaders in our government. Sack #Zahawi #ToryCorruption
The national press or scum media do not speak for me. Both the politicians you mention do not deserve the ritualistic thrashing from the press. One has paid his tax and the other was speaking plainly. I hope we haven’t got socialists trying to whip up a non story.
Replying to @PippaCrerar
Indeed it is Pippa… sickening. They’ve learnt nothing 😡. But talking of nothing… where’s the national press outrage over Zahawi & Braverman today? Silence… and some believe we live in a democracy. So much for Sunak’s ‘accountability’.
#the BBC
🇬🇧🗺️ Over three-quarters of a trillion pounds worth of goods and services were exported from the UK in the twelve months ending October 2022. The value was £0.7585 trillion, an increase of more than one fifth (21.8%) on the previous 12-month period. Source: ONS.
🇬🇧🗺️ Over three-quarters of a trillion pounds worth of goods and services were exported from the UK in the twelve months ending October 2022. The value was £0.7585 trillion, an increase of more than one fifth (21.8%) on the previous 12-month period. Source: ONS.