"Reducing our army further is madness." Former chief of the general staff Lord Dannatt says "the future is going to be a grumpy resurgent Russia and we've got to play our part in deterring Russian aggression". #Ridge trib.al/NXtx4PC 馃摵 Sky 501 and YouTube

Jul 3, 2022 路 9:16 AM UTC

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Completely agree w/ Lord Dannatt & hopefully, the CX finds the money for the British Army to increase its capacity, as well as capability. @BorisJohnson @RishiSunak @BWallaceMP
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You happen to have a mad PM ..
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Okay, I mean Russia doesn麓t want to harm England. No invasion like Spain, France or Germany in the past.
You let Dannatt off the hook. The reason why this conflict will be frozen, is that Ukraine is being denied access to weapons that would enable them to win. Standoff missiles and the planes to launch them. The US doesn't want Ukraine to win, due to risk aversion. A moral failure.