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"Unexplained death" are on a steep rise. We need to know how to purge the spike protein from our bodies.
Fortunately with mild Omicron, 97% rates of natural immunity (Klaassen et al), and early protocols at home, hospitalization and death are exceedingly rare now--but looking back #covidvaccines did not save lives and failed as a mandated govt intervention. #courageousdiscourse
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The 'Trans Resistance Network' has released a statement that Audrey Hale is the real victim in the Christian school shooting
Worth destroying a town?
🚨BREAKING: DOT Whistleblower reveals that the Biden Administration put a hold on automatic inspection systems that could have prevented the East Palestine disaster because they would have taken away union jobs.
So we gave China permission to destroy secret and sensitive Wuhan files--with no backups?
Dr. James LeDuc, former @CDCgov @WHO at Galveston National Laboratory BSL-4, signed agreements with three Chinese labs, giving China the power to destroy “secret files, materials and equipment, without any backups.”…
Interesting possibility.
So Hydroxychloroquine allows viruses to attack cancer cells while leaving healthy cells, healthy. Seems like information the public deserves to know and makes you wonder why they tried to obscure this data in the study. Certainly would be bad for the cancer industry’s business.
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From our First Amendment to John 1:1, the freedom of expression, the words we speak, are honored as a key priority and one of our greatest powers. Hence, the relentless effort to censor and silence our voices. Would it surprise you to know that the gatekeepers of free speech,……
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WOKE = Willingly Overlooking Known Evil.
And for what purpose will this equipment be used?
Grounds to impeach Biden!
Uncomfortable truths. Keep those private jets flying!
CONGO - unregulated mines employ thousands of workers, mining cobalt for batteries, so NET ZERO can be ‘achieved’ & we feel good. These mines often collapse & trapped workers are dug out by hand, if they are lucky. But hey it saves the planet, right ?
And imagine all the deaths NOT televised.
Mandating experimental mRNA vaccines with no long-term safety data was CRIMINAL. Those who were complicit should be prosecuted.
"Devastating inflammation has been found in the large and small blood vessels in the heart, brain, health, and other organs...."
🚨Former IDF Medical Officer and Director of Primary Care at Meuhedet, Israel's third-largest HMO, serving one million clients nationwide, calls for the immediate halt of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines: "Reports are accumulating on pathological findings after……
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Australia now has problems.
Dominoes keep falling
Vaccine injury is real, stop ignoring this. " I was very very huge on vaccines to where I'd keep my kids away from others who had not got them. I'd judge other parents who didn't let their kids get them as if they was wrong for that choice. As I sit here Today as a mother who……
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Ukrainian journalists use make-up to prepare for a report for CNN and BBC
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