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Joined April 2015
Tensions with evangelicals threaten Trump White House bid…. Only threat is the democrats and media. The others we need to start looking at is those that are non-elected people in government that are manipulating things, they are the real threat.
What of the women biden rapped and manhandled? We’re are the judges on that one? The women have been attacked by the press and media for speaking out. They’ve been called horrible names.
Greg Casar Enters the National Spotlight, and Brings His Grassroots Coalition With Him… via @austinchronicle. This guy was a failure as city council member. He was the one behind the up rise of homelessness and and pushed for all the human trafficking.
This the guy that was behind human trafficking across the border by supporting the migrants crossing and attacking those that spoke against it. He was big failure of the homelessness in Austin along with many members of city council. So don’t boost this idiot as someone he’s not.
White House condemns Texas governor after migrants were dropped off outside Kamala Harris' house: 'Abbott abandoned children on the side of the road in below freezing temperatures'…. The White House is at fault for allowing the open border policy.
This should be done with all those migrating across our border. And any blame with current White House administration.
Rep. Raskin: Trump could spend ‘the remaining days of his misanthropic life behind bars’…. What is the real evidence not hear say or what words were said. If that’s the case then many democrats need to also be treated the same way by encouraging riots.
Senators confident bill to block election subversion will become law…. Early voting and mail in ballots are also an abuse of elections should be counted before the the day of election as well as no more 2-3 week early voting. Either the day or 1 week before
Marjorie Taylor Greene And Lauren Boebert Get Personal In Very Public Spat…. In other words they are doing their jobs unlike democrats that all now down and agree to what ever the democrats tell them. Great job ladies keep up the great work.
Jan. 6 committee to weigh actions against GOP lawmakers who flouted subpoenas, Schiff says…. Need to look at those democrats like VP that supported blm and antifa when they were destroying and burning down cities. Those that bailed out those criminals.
DeSantis Is Showing Strength. He's Also Vulnerable on His Right Flank.…. Why always attack and vilify Republicans on daily bases yet never talk about all the failures and vulnerability of the democrats and the racist past? That’s more believable and needed.
Inside the Battle for Control of the Republican National Committee…. Sorry but republicans picked up many seats and now control the house. It wasn’t a red wave but only the so call experts were the only ones talking about red wave.
Mitch McConnell says Trump's 2022 endorsements limited the GOP's 'ability to control a primary outcome' which led to 'candidate quality' issues…. The problem is that republicans didn’t want anyone that Trump endorsed so they put money against conservatives.
Trump Bedeviled by Company's Conviction and Senate Candidate's Defeat…. Why not talk about all the defeats and failures of the administration in office right now? From the incompetent joe and his whole administration!
4 takeaways after Georgia's Senate runoff: What Warnock's win means…. Trump has nothing to do with this race. If that were true it would’ve been a victory. If you look at in the other view point democrats should’ve dominated with the money spent. Explain it
Cheney, Thompson applaud Oath Keepers verdicts: ‘A victory for the rule of law’…. So peaceful protest is only when democrats burn down cities and federal buildings? When republicans do a protest that didn’t damage anything or anyone it’s a crime
Austin metro area has most expensive cities for homeownership, report says… via @KVUE. To many homeless on top of the whole city council. Austin claims to be progressive but nope.