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Slow down there, partner. You are obviously confused and just looking for impartiality. Good (Bob Good - VA Dist 05) is the name of a GOP House Member that did not vote for McCarthy. Melanie was not making a statement that any focus was 'good'.
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And with this tweet, we are one step closer to Idiocracy.
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Lindsey after the affidavit is provided: "Now we need to see the Long Form affidavit"
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Lindsey, you are not a serious man. Everyone sees right through you.
But what if you are wrong about all of that?
But how can he be in full mental decline AND also be the 'big guy' heading up a global crime syndicate? Seems like they would be mutually exclusive. You've really got your knickers in a twist today.
Because they recently RETURNED boxes and boxes of documents they took! This was AFTER it was apparent that the Nat'l Archives meant business and were coming after them. I guess you didn't see that in the news you consume? If it was RETURNED then it was already TAKEN.
Fake outcry. FACT: Trump took sensitive docs from the WH to MAL illegally. He wouldn't take the docs unless he was hiding something. All Americans must abide by the laws of the land no matter where we stand on the political spectrum. Get over yourself and your divisive rhetoric.
But, most people DON'T love Trump. You might love him, but you also might live in a bubble. He removed documents illegally from the WH. And has lied repeatedly to you. No one should be OK with that.
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Just because it's never happened before, that doesn't mean it wasn't warranted. He removed sensitive / classified documents from the White House. Boxes were already retrieved earlier this year. So, he did that. He didn't return ALL of the documents. You are OK with that?
Sit back down on the couch, Vickie. You're out of your element.
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You really appear to have no original ideas of your own. Projection, however, appears to be right in your wheel house.
It's almost as if you have no idea how world economics work in real life.
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Yeah. The 20 that voted against are Obstructionists and most are unfit for office. They are only in it for the sound bites.
Dude. This tweet is so stupid. Let me get this straight. You are trying to school someone for being a Twitter tough guy by being... let me see here.. checks notes... a Twitter tough guy. Did you really think that tact would ratio in your favor? FFS. 🥓🔫
You're obviously not a serious person. "UltraMAGA"? Perhaps you should take a long look at media you consume daily and make some edits. It doesn't appear that you are following any sources that tell the truth if this is your reaction to today's testimony.
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Saying this on Twitter means nothing. Just testify under oath and I'm sure it will clear it all up for everyone. Get over yourself MTG. No one is buying your BS.
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Get over yourself! You're just a loud mouth with bad opinions.
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"Look at this shiny object over here instead of me..." Matt never had any credibility, so I guess he can't lose it. Also, that really RICH to be calling anyone or anything else a Sideshow. FFS.