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Steamboat Springs, CO
Joined November 2020
Republicans knew and did nothing.
Replying to @joncoopertweets
Trump knew he lost! It is inconceivable that he did not know after he was told repeatedly by his closest advisors and legal counsel.
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They are also...
Can someone please explain how in the hell I could have possibly left that seven hours ago to come home to this?! (Head drops to palm, audible sigh)
Anytime you hear anyone from the GOP saying anything in support of the big lie which has been thoroughly debunked by the courts and by every legal and political expert, remember this...
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You have a great one! I love it! I will talk shop with you anytime!
Sometimes there's nothin' a good, long ride won't cure.
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I little slice of our little heaven for you. Get well soon!
We visit the Wyman Barn Studio twice each week, once for structured band rehearsal, and a second night for jams with friends from all over. It is so much fun to share and create music spontaneously in such a wonderful setting. I have learned that everyone has a song to sing!
2 on the mountain.
Shhhhhhhhhh.....there is a Sleeping Giant behind our house!
My morning commute!
Proud Dad, amazing son and lots of L-O-V-E! Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival 2022!
It was a beautiful night for rockin' with the my band in our barn studio high up on the western slope. Home of the Rattlers.