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Replying to @mistrustme1
There it is.
Replying to @ImSpeaking13
Perfect analogy.
Replying to @joncoopertweets
Trump's comfortable, fool's gold furnishings will be transformed into cold porcelain and stainless steel, which is fitting for him for what he has done to our country.
Replying to @Logically_JC
The REALLY BIG LOSERS just keep losing. It's a losers legacy I suppose.
Replying to @RonFilipkowski
There are a lot of brave men and women in this country that could be depicted in this fantastical image. Trump isn't one of them. Quite the opposite in fact. We know who Trump REALLY is, a lying, cheating, criminal coward.
Replying to @thetrueshelby
Trump withdrawels?
Replying to @FrankMikeDavis1
She seems to forget that we know the truth.
Replying to @realTuckFrumper
Second biggest loser next to Trump!!
Replying to @LakotaMan1
My sentiments and spirituality exactly.
Replying to @RonFilipkowski
God spoke to Lake earlier and said, "You LOST! Get out of politics you loser!" That's what she said, God.
Replying to @B52Malmet
Exactly right, and eloquently stated. Thank you.
Replying to @JoJoFromJerz
Short, sweet and to the point. Thanks Jo.
Replying to @seanhelaosouse
I can see that.
Replying to @islandgirlyme
He has Trump Unhingement Syndrome. He can enjoy his insanity while locked away the rest of his natural life.
Replying to @DougWahl1
No. He's a liar and can't be trusted. Let justice run its course.
Replying to @JoeNewberry
That's a good thing.
Replying to @RonFilipkowski
Lots of promises from Trump now as before, little if any are kept. Empty promises are easy. He has said, and will say, anything to try to get what he wants, mostly attention, that he doesn't deserve.
Replying to @LiberalJogi
I agree with you, but, you are wasting your time trying to reason with an insane person.
Replying to @WalshFreedom
They can and will justify anything, ANYTHING, with their religion. It's a farce. They are a farce.