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We’ll look back one day and see Today as a Rounding Error.(my portfolio)

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“Powerful Forces will bring down Inflation” BOE’s Andrew Baily Was wondering when we will deploy the JEDI mind tricks. #BankofEngland #inflation
I broke the economy, then broke the banking system. I am thee "circuit breaker" #jeromepowell #BankingCrisis #recession
Are banks about to spark a liquidity stampede in the Bond Markets ? #bondmarkets #fed #BankingCrisis
Replying to @Reuters
Is anyone talking about the outsourced outfits in India and Philippines, associated with those tech unicorns who can't pay their staff? There are while communities at risk here.
The solution is not depositors access to their money. Solution is creditors to extend and invoke helpful terms. We are all impacted by the economy including the "creditors". #SVBCollapse #Signature #WellsFargo
Evidence of market mistrust and misalignment with politicians and the fed. There's nonrecovering from this until all the rotten apples have been shaken from the tree. #SVBCollapse #bankingcollapse #Fedsurrection #inflationary
Of course it had to be the Hong-Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation #hsbc
I wonder why. He has broken the global economy and now twitter! I'm pissed! #JeromePowell
Release the kraken. 😐 Seriously who named new variant the kraken and why? #kraken
Now that's something. I wonder if TikTok will introduce "instaShare"
Apple limited a crucial AirDrop function in China just weeks before protests
Do we need to discuss this. This demon must be exorcised. #ghana #revenge
Ghana V Japan will be the cleanest match ever. #Ghana #Japan
Ghana fans were cleaning up the stadium after their win against South Korea 🇬🇭❤️ (via @JoySportsGH)
Ok what’s going on here #twitter. This feels a tad aggressive no? #SunakOut #Sunak. @TwitterSupport
Do you know why?
Just to clarify #Twitter is not an election tool. If you choose to decide on your vote based on your feed, than thats on you. @elonmusk will do his best to protect this "freedom", but again its on you. Please Let this bird fly. Hands off politicians!
Even Nuns watch Porn. Pope Francis has warned priests and nuns, it "weakens the priestly heart". - Pope Francis. BBC News - Even nuns watch porn, Pope says, warning of risks #PopeFrancis #NewsBreak…
The US are weaponizing the dollar. Causing recessions in other territories which in turn reduced demand for oil, and drives crude prices down. Win for US, loss for Russia, loss for Saudis. ....its NOT working. Ask the fed. #USDollar #InflationReductionAct
LIZZ TRUSS RESIGNS! She should do a U Turn and run again, why not, anything goes at the moment. Larry the cat should be in the line up of successors too…the Larry odds are quite high too! #LizTruss #larrythecat