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US? Ye gets banned. Canada? Get invited to dinner.
Federal Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra and Green Party leader Elizabeth May were among the Canadian MPs who met with a dangerous anti-Semite and holocaust denier.…
Today has been a wild day. I hope we can learn from it. - free speech happened. No one got hurt, and it gave us one of the most pristine of example that sunlight is a really good disinfectant. - woke ideology, be it left or right, is an outdated idea. Discuss, learn from others
This is a whole lot of concerning. Why isn't this being massively discussed?
New sperm meta-analysis. Big takeaways: • Sperm reduction is not localized, happening globally • 50% reduction in avg sperm count since 1973 • Following this trend, the average man will not be able to have children unassisted by 2050…
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Ye likes Hitler but I'm not sure Hitler would've liked Ye...
This might be the future of social networks. Pay attention.
@Minds, Nostr and the future of decentralized social networking…
I dont think ive even spoken directly to this person?
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AI is getting really good
Didn't have Ye being positive about Hitler on today's bingo card. Man the woke right is weird.
What a nice way to call people bots/NPCs. Clever.
Lot of people stuck in a damn-that’s-crazy ChatGPT loop 🔁
If they were facts you wouldn't need to stifle debate about it. Now that's a fact. Facts do matter, but the problem is, this picture isn't one.
The alt-right is just closeted intersectional identitarians. Call them what they really are: The Woke Right.
I can't help but wonder the % of tissues that actually get used for runny noses.
I just finished watching @DiedSuddenly_ and while it's very much a conspiracy theorist's wet fever dream, there's many good questions being asked. The world needs tho know about those white fiber cloths. If it's not the shots, is it Covid? #DiedSuddenly #DiedSuddenlydocumentary
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#BREAKING: The Chinese police beat peaceful demonstrators because they dare to oppose the government's tyranny! Oh wait, this is Canada. Carry on.
God damn i love the mute function.
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Balenciaga still has a Chase Bank account. Ghislaine Maxwell still has a Chase Bank account. Harvey Weinstein still has a Chase Bank account.
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