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Joined July 2015
'Deliver of the 2019 Manifesto' liar ! The Manifesto also said they would not get rid of the triple lock BUT you did in 2021/22, no triple lock, so YOU are a liar together with your cronies
What alternate dimension do you live in that you think that people haven't forgotten what Boris Johnson did to them. He partied and lied while people grieved for their losses. I think it shows just how despicable YOU are as well as Johnson
Can you be dishonest and have integrity? There is more to Integrity than just NOT personally participating in a dishonest act. Integrity goes well beyond honesty. In fact,Integrity requires more of us than simply being honest. Integrity's root word, integer, meaning whole or pure
#politicslive They are not DEFYING Keir Starmer. The difference is that Keir Starmer believes in democracy and does not MAKE his MP's vote etc they way they are told but allows them to think for themselves unlike the Tory Government were they are threatened with their jobs!
#politicslive Chris Philp has just stated that the rate if pay for the lowest pay has gone up £4 since the Labour Government was in power. Idiot. That is only £4 in TWELVE years !!!!! A cup of coffee can cost that much !!!!!!
#politicslive Why get caught up in the same lies that the Tories troll. Employment up, really ?? Zero hours contracts are NOT employment !!!!!
Celebrations in Prison, no way. Proper punishment is the only way to rehabilitation. Someone I heard of received the birch in the isle of man whilst a teenager and said it made him change his life around
So Ian Blackford was thrown out of the Commons......for telling the TRUTH
#SNP Well done Ian Blackford, don't know what he supposedly said wrong, he is completely right,. Boris Johnson is a liar and a liar of long standing
#PoliticsLive Why are they even having an enquiry to see if it was a party when in fact there was an email inviting them to a PARTY ! Oh and bring you own food and booze. !!!
Under any circumstance, Boris is a consummate liar and that is unacceptable, so don't know how anyone can think that it is
All she needs to do....... don't look at or post your other photos on Twitter. Silly girl
Get that Dr Shola off, she is full of racist hatred, why do you give her air room
She is talking through her backside. Men in France have man bags (handbags), is that sexist too. Stupid woman
Sky News interview. You stated that UK is the top supporter of refugees. More lies from you. Here is the facts. Germany is home to the most refugees by far in Europe - 1.4 million in total.By comparison, France and Sweden have 402,000 and 328,000 respectively.
You keep asking why there will be a lockdown in Lancashire but Blackpool is not included, answer... money is spent in Blackpool. I live in the village of Burscough, zero deaths, people following the rules, but we would be put into lockdown!!!
PMQ's and talking about the IRA supporters. Please remind me who has given a life peerage to Clare Fox an unrepentant IRA supporter....... oh yes, Boris Johnson !
Why should schools go back until they are safe. Already the government said they were opening and then delayed because they weren't ready. Don't you think it is better to wait or do we just throw the kids under the bus like we did with the OAP's
Hope France says 'sur votre vélo'