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A.M & Jakey

Long Beach, CA
Joined May 2017
my mom was telling me i'm the ONLY one that understands what my youngest son is saying...i told her he the ONLY one that understands me too 😃
Ex factor by Lauryn Hill is so full of game
Can’t wait to see Jon Jones back in the octagon
TMann gonna leave & be a great PG for someone all cause of Ty Lue & PG 😂
Over Ty Lue been over Marcus Morris over PG & his weak ass recruits RoCo Bones & especially TMann deserve ALOT better……
I’m convinced Ty Lue is here to sabotage the clippers TMann played 16 fkn minutes in a game that went to 2OT 😂 that’s stupid af
Bones Hyland & Roco can be a vital part of someone’s rotation & they just watching from the sideline 😂 Ty Lue is trash af & they both miles ahead of Marcus Morris 😂 can’t make this up
TMann would never start a game & we give up 150 😂
Just realized eagles had a top 5 defense vs a bottom 5 schedule & a bottom 5 defense vs a top offense
Driver dropped my groceries off to the apartment 3 doors down from me my wife go to grab em he open his door & put ‘em in his house my wife knocked to let him know cuh don’t answer left a note for cuh tho can’t wait to dog walk this nigga up & down del amo
Complaining bout the field your opponents had to play on as well is a choice 😂
Vic Fangio had ALL that experience vs Mahomes & still got cooked 😂
Damn I just realized I’ve been playing rainbow six siege for 7 fkn years 😂 I think it’s the best game I’ve ever played
Brian Flores is a GREAT hire…….
the RPO is tough on ANY defense especially if you got the right personnel & the @Eagles got it.
KOC not a coach of the year finalist but won 13 games while having the 31st ranked defense 😂
Let’s just give Josh Allen the MVP so we can keep the “chosen one” narrative alive 😂
Not enough Josh Allen slander for me
Some of these QBs need to be talked about with the same tone y’all’s talk about Kirk 😂 🤷‍♂️ especially the ones with a better defense than Kirk
Joe Burrow is a top 2 QB idc idc