myself makes me special and who i am

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How do you make animations like thqt ive never been able to make one like that for my yt so please help me
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How do u animate like that
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Hi jason its toto
@MessYourself hi are u available to chat im a fan of u
Hey lisa can u do a vid now i wanna be ur best friend forever dont tell ur viewers cus i got anxiety and u make good content just dont bully 😗*cicks
@LisaGamingRBLXX hey lisa i wanna be ur bff but dont mention it to yt cus i got anxiety pls u make good content just dont bully ppl 😗 *clicks to make a song *
@LisaGamingRBLXX hey can u dp a video pls ur a good person and also (Dont tell ur viewers im ur friend even tho i am cus i got anxiety its serious i can die )
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Mrbeast i already have a yt channel i have 64 subs
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I know this isnt q&a but ur the best pls respond can u teach me how to get alot of subs
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Neat j shey dada
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Mr beass u know how u give ppl money can u help me on yt to get subs
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Man how did u make such a cool fighting animation wow 10 out of 10