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Given the Hope/Liza Soberano issue, can we finally admit that the "utang na loob" Filipino culture is actually toxic--that ppl are always indebted to something in return. And on this topic, millennials and boomers idolizing networks and obsessing over network wars are so cringy.
The fact that ppl think Hope/Liza Soberano has no chance in Hollywood... like she already has a project and has been pretty immersed in the Asian celebrity gatherings for a good while now.
And need I remind you that Dolly de Leon finally got her moment because she seized an opportunity outside the country and look where she is now. If you think Filipinos dont have a chance in Hollywood, you clearly havent been keeping up in recent years.
Accla nag-no na nga eh, the end. If you felt offended by it, who's to say hindi rin siya pwedeng ma-offend that you intruded her privacy, hence the reaction? Hindi dahil nalapitan mo siya ay okay na. Some dont want to be bothered kahit close proximity pa kayo.
Seriously? madaming tao ang di madunong at hindi alam ang salitang "Politely saying no"? Required ang maging marespeto sa tao at all times. Yun lang ang masasabi ko. I rest my case. Salamat sa mga taong 'to na madunong mag isip at malawak ang pang unawa. Kudos sanyo! 💯👌
Again, a no is a no. Dont feel too entitled to how others respond. And pro-tip dont idealize people.
No matter what they do now, they already lost the Emmy. At least give us the 90-minute cut of the previous episodes.
Get ready, racers 🏁 #DragRace returns to 90-minute episodes starting Friday March 10 at 8/7c on @MTV 👑
Although I believe Marina Summers (and all the other queens) deserves to compete for a cash prize, still werk!!!! Get that exposure! Let's support her decision. And who knows, she might even get invited (like Jimbo) for International All-Stars if she gets Pangina'd this season.
⚠️SPOILER ALERT⚠️SPOILER ALERT⚠️SPOILER ALERT⚠️ . . . UKVSTW 2 Rumored Cast Visuals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
First out vibes
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Now... I agree with the main tweet but girl this clearly reads as a joke 😭
Almost every tv show/music/movie etc. get reaction content. It's a show made for the public and the public will react. People doing reaction content can be anyone from all walks of life. That is unless they encourage undue hate and vitriol on their platforms.
The drag race reaction complex needs to end. We have no need for reaction content from ANYBODY, much less people who don’t even DO drag.
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“Virtue is an angel, but she is a blind one.” -Horace Mann. Photos by @codyythehuman! Stitch & millinery work by @hailsatinmillinery Fabrics and gems by Textile Discount Outlet! #art #dragartist #ruffles #prettyinpink #couture #uticaqueen #fashion
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Oh then you gotta see this as well:
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Yall acting like Utica didnt serve diversity in the design, runway, and makeup departments. It's the historical revisionism for me. Gottmik won according to favoritism but Utica "deservedly" won that.
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Avatar: The Way of Water would never exist if she hadn’t come up with the entire plot back in 2011
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My condolences.
Dzai, hindi mo kasi alam yung context. Hindi lang naman itong vid nila yung nagprovoke ng ganitong reaction. Panoorin mo yung mga vids nila on tiktok. Tanginang superiority complex ng mga "religious" kuno, lalo na ng sector nilang rooted in archaic beliefs.
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^and thats why ppl continue to use the f slur
mga baklang out of touch:
ako lang ba or #DragDenPh is too political? i love this show and im aware that drag is indeed political - yet somehow i feel they’re pushing it too hard and too early 😏